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Planning a baby shower is simple, but there are so many things to do. It’s natural to forget vital things. This is why you need a baby shower planning checklist.

There are many things to check when preparing for a baby shower. Baby showers work as a special celebration for celebrating expectant mothers with their family and closest friends. Most baby showers happen at some point throughout the time of pregnancy. A baby shower planning checklist will make your process easier. Also, it helps you to stay organized before the day. In this article, you will find everything about your baby shower planning. If there are things that you don’t want to apply just uncheck them. The main goal is to create things as easy as possible.

Baby Shower Planning Checklist You Need to Follow

Where to start with baby shower planning?

Few events are more interesting than a baby shower. If you’re in charge of organizing a shower, you have to think about every detail. As a host, you have to ensure that the party remains original to the expectant mother’s style and taste. Consider her favorite decorating style, colors, and hobbies. You may also draw motivation from her nursery ideas for ensuring she will like her baby shower theme.

Preparation for a successful baby shower begins with staying on track. It also offers you enough time to create whatever comes next. You’ll need to grab a note and begin creating your baby shower checklist to stay on track with your plans. The first thing you need to check is when is the right time to through a baby shower?

How to make a baby shower planning checklist?

Settle on a tight spending plan for the baby shower. This may rely upon whether anybody is co-hosting and adding to the expenses. Counsel the expectant mother to pick a date. Remember, whether that date is useful for the main guests (like close relatives and closest friends) too. Create a list of attendees in close discussion with the expectant mother. Ensure you have every guest’s complete name and address. Start an RSVP list so you can gather the RSVPs as you get them. So, here is a complete idea for your baby shower planning checklist.

From sending out baby shower invites and getting decorations to ordering a cake, our step-by-step overview and the checklist will help you. If you’re looking for more thorough information relating to items on the list, ensure to read our baby shower decoration guide for baby shower ideas and rules.

  1. Select a date and time
  2. Select a venue
  3. Send invitations
  4. Arrange foods
  5. Arrange drinks
  6. Take photos
  7. Write thank you cards

1. Select a date and time

Most baby showers began around 1-2 p.m. and finished anywhere from 2-4 hrs. It is a great time since it gives you enough time for the celebration without a hurry. The expectant mother can have enough time to rest. After that, she can get ready for the shower.

The time length genuinely depends on your baby shower planning checklist. If guests are vainly eating and afterward opening gifts, the shower may only take 2 hrs. Mothers who have more time for play or socializing may take 3-4 hours long. If you want to have a long shower, you’ll have to begin fast as it does not run too late. Besides, you will want to prepare it around a time of the day when you are not feeling worn down. Also, ensure to wear a comfortable outfit as well as comfy shoes.

2. Select a venue

Select a location for your event where you want to have a baby shower. It could be any place you want:

  • Eatery
  • Tea Parlor
  • Recreation Centre
  • Sea Shore
  • Games Setting
  • Your Home

Book the setting or make a table reservation (if necessary).

3. Send invitations

This is the most important part of your baby shower planning checklist. Since you have the list of guests, theme, and location. It’s an ideal opportunity to plan the baby shower invitations. There are loads of options for the greeting.

Firstly, many online shops can help you easily set up an e-welcome to send an invitation through email. If you have time, you can even make a website, and send guests an email with the link so they can get to it. Secondly, there are heaps of free and simple web designers that can help. Moreover, A customized site can help set the pace for the occasion through its plan. It can have information about the area and anything exceptional. Thirdly, If all of your guests are on Facebook, you can make an event there. Moreover, it is a simple method to follow RSVPs and to post updates about the shower.

Finally, the most subtle and ideal arrangement is to send a paper invitation. You can either make a plan one on your PC and get them expertly printed. Do your own printing, or purchase pre-printed welcomes that you can fill in. Remember coordinating envelopes and unique stamps for a pleasant touch. Send the invitation about a month and a half ahead of time from the shower date. Follow up the welcomes with a call or message, simply if any of the invitations get lost.

4. Arrange foods

You will need a food selection based on several facts. One vital thing to think about how the expectant mother perceives. For example, you would not intend to offer wine at a baby shower since the expectant mother cannot drink it. You should serve food things that she likes. So, if fruits are her favorite, make sure to add them to the food list.

If you skip meal times (lunch, supper, and breakfast), food should be light, treat with cake. As you plan for mealtimes, you have to include more food. 2 o’clock in the mid-day is a rather typical time for a baby shower. Food selection may add:

  • Fruit salad
  • Drinks
  • Vegetable tray with dip
  • Mini sandwiches
  • Punch
  • Dessert or cake

5. Arrange drinks

Select the kind of drinks you’d prefer to serve. This could be an informal breakfast, lunch, evening tea, or just a spread of desserts. Plan the menu and sort out the food; you may employ an expert caterer, or deal with this yourself. In the event that any of the guests has an exceptional dietary prerequisite. Make sure to figure this when making a food list.

Think about the topic of the shower, and afterward pick cupcakes or a cake in a delightful, consider a scope of drinks like:

  • Espresso
  • Tea
  • Punch
  • Pop.

If the gathering will be at a home, make sure to get a few sacks of ice and another partyware like:

  • Plates
  • Cutlery
  • Glasses
  • Silverware

6. Take photos

The most important thing you have to add to your baby shower planning checklist is photography. The expectant mother appreciates having video clips and pictures of her baby shower. You have to ask one of the host or guests who will make sure that the photographer takes lots of pictures.

Many of your guests will also take photos on their phones. Ask somebody to be responsible for asking everybody to upload their best photos to a photo-sharing website or to share it on social media sites. You or someone else should be thinking of creating a photo book for perfect memories.

7. Write thank you cards

Firstly, event favors are a wonderful touch to say “thanks for coming” to all of your baby shower guests. Also, it’s a vital part of your baby shower planning checklist. You, as the host, need to gift the favor to every guest when they leave. Secondly, if you open the gifts at the celebration, work with the expectant mother to help her monitor which guest has offered which present. Finally, she can write individual thank you cards thanking guests for their gifts and presence.


Alongside your checklist and guidelines, there are a couple of ideas you must keep in your pocket when preparing a baby shower event. However, it takes some skills and some extra touches to make the day that the expectant mothers will remember for a lifetime. Keep in mind these ideas when checking off one of the above items on your list.

Firstly, make sure that the expectant mother has any baby shower planning ideas or not. Before you start preparing, create a list of her favorite things. It will help you shorten your design options. Secondly, pick enjoyable baby shower invites. Besides, it will provide guests a look into what to expect on a special day. Also, keep in mind the most basic decoration concepts end up making the most significant statement. Think of plants, flowers, balloons, and confetti.

Finally, if you do not have sufficient chairs, you can use pillows for alternate seats and, you can fit all of the guests into your living room. If you make the gifts the centerpiece of the baby shower, you can save time and money. The baby shower you will host is a superb means of celebrating the special day.

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