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Making a birthday party planning checklist can be a hard job! There’s so much to arrange as well as if you leave it up until the final, it’s very easy to forget essential party basics.

That’s why we’ve to put together our complete and free printable birthday party planning checklist to help you stay complete in all parts. We’ve done an effective list of whatever you need for your party. Now you have to follow every step. You’ll find our important tips on how to plan a party.

Choose your party theme for your birthday planning

This one’s a big deal because you can’t truly plan anything until you’ve picked your party theme. you have to choose your party theme first. There are many types of theme. You have to choose whatever suits on you. It’s a hard job because you have to pick theme wisely.

Maximum parties fall into the following four groups. We would suggest searching party themes by category to help you small down your selection. Pick from:

  • Kids’ birthday celebrations
  • Adult’s birthdays
  • Special occasion
  • Seasonal occasion

How much budget do you need for the birthday party planning?

You have to decide just how much you want to spend. This is very important because the fact is the cost can truly build up when your impulse buy. The great way to avoid over-spending is to set a budget plan focus on it and stay stick to it.

How much should you invest in a party? This is up to you once you’ve set your budget plan, the real preparation can start!

Set a date, pick your venue and create the guest list.

You have to fix a date pick a location and create guest list first. This is the most important part on your birthday party planning checklist. These are the nitty gritty information that are best figured out early on. Secondly, throwing your party at home as well as limiting the guest checklist to a reasonable number is just one of the great ways to throw a party on a budget. Finally, if you can afford to be a little bit more extravagant then why not hire a location?

Simply make sure you allow people know when it will be a couple of weeks first so that they can save the date (which brings us to our following point).

Send your invites

There’s no point for planning a party if you don’t give people proper notice to save the day. Sending your invitation about two weeks before the party to avoid people making different plans. Personalized invitations can be a good little touch if you want to celebrate a really unique event like an engagement or a baby shower.

Stock up on party remedy and decorations

This is where the genuine fun starts! Choose whether you want to go simple or full blast (why wouldn’t you?) and also choose designs that matches your party theme

Stock Up On Party Remedy and Decorations
Colorful candles are placed in a row for a birthday cake on a blue background. The view from the top.

Paper decors like fans, flowers, as well as honeycomb designs can look beautiful and stylish. It doesn’t take a creative person to make them look excellent! Stick to a few primary colors to ensure your party decorations look flawlessly color-coordinated.

Stock Up On Party Remedy and Decorations

Order a birthday cake

This is the most important part on your birthday party planning checklist. If you’re planning for a birthday party, you can’t avoid this. Order your birthday cake before a week to see that it’s ready on time. But if you want to make your own, it’s a great idea to do a trial run on brand-new recipes to avoid any baking trouble.

Order Birthday Cake For Your Birthday Party Planning Checklist
cake topped with white cream and cookies

If you’re not Mary Berry, you could buy a pre-made supermarket cake and also jazz it up with others cute cake bunting like the cake listed below.

Order Birthday Cake For Your Birthday Party Planning Checklist

What types of food do you need on your party planning checklist?

Party is always enjoyable because it’s a happy event. Especially when it comes to food it becomes more interesting. Come up with a menu which suits the guest. You need to think of what they will like to eat, drink, depending on their choice and age before the party held.

What types of food do you need on your party planning checklist?

However, you’re on a budget or not you have to plan what types of food you’ll need for your party.

What types of food do you need on your party planning checklist?

Doughnuts, cupcakes, soft drinks etc. are the delicious food for a birthday party. Create your food list in advance to see to that you’ll have enough to feed everybody. If you want to sharing the duty of food caterer, planning things before time. This will help you arrange who’s bringing what!

Buy a birthday gift

This is the most interesting part. You have to buy a perfect gift for that person for making him or her feel special. Don’t forget to get a birthday gift! And when you do it, top it off with cute wrapping and a stylish gift tag.

Buy Gifts For Your Birthday Party Planning Checklist

Buy your party food and pick up the cake

Three days before the party is enough time to make sure that you have every little thing you need. You have to ensure that everything will be still fresh on your party day.

Decorate the venue and get the party began

You have to decorate your venue and this is the vital part on your party planning checklist. Thanks to your best arranged skills. Every little thing should be sorted before the day of the party! All that’s left to do is decorate the location, prepare yourself and enjoy!

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