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A 3-day diet plan is an effective way for losing weight. With this diet, you can get nutrition and lose weight at the same time. In this meal plan, you should toughly maintain three days food intake. For the other four days, you are free from diet. As a result, you can lose weight in a week and you don’t feel any problem.

What is a 3-day diet plan?

It is a diet plan in which you have to do a diet for 3 days and no diet for 4 days. It doesn’t relate to the military directly. We call it a military diet because it teaches discipline and stamina to gain results just like in the military. So we can call it a military diet plan too. The plan says that you’ll lose up to 10 pounds in a week if you maintain it properly. It limits to a low-calorie diet with some of the food. It is a step-by-step following diet method. So any person can follow this diet plan. It is an easy and simple way to manage your food plan. In particular, this diet does not pressure your mind and body. Just carefully make your three days food plan.

There is a set of food to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In a week’s first three days you can maintain your planning diet. After that, you can return your regular food. If you like to lose more weight fast, you can do this program as often as you can.

How does a 3-day diet plan works?

A low-calorie 3-day diet permits less than 1000 calories per day. This makes a 3-day diet plan a simple and useful way for losing weight. This is a low-calorie diet, low-fat, low salt, and low cholesterol diet. If you are overweight, you should manage your regular food plan following this plan. As a result, this diet plan will help you lose weight. Also, it’ll give you a healthy and sustainable life.

  • Short-term method: During this 3-day diet meal plan you need to balance your food intake only 3 days a week. The other 4 days, you can eat anything that you want.
  • Has nutrition food: This plan makes sure what and how much food you eat. There are limited food items and these food contains nutrition.
  • Has enough vitamins: This plan makes sure that you can get enough vitamins and minerals. Because this diet contains green vegetable and fruits, it has enough vitamins and minerals options.
  • Make body healthy: when you take nutrition food you are making your body healthy. This military diet for weight loss is the key to managing food planning. In these 3 days, you have to avoid unhealthy food.
  • Low cost and easy making: This diet plan is low cost and easy to make. You have to prepare meals only 3 times in a day. So, you don’t need any extra cost for food.

Finally, you make this plan in a lot of easy ways. Just draw a 3-day diet plan and put all kinds of nutritious food items.

What is an wasy to make 3-day diet meal plan?

Every meal plan starts with breakfast. Then, you can focus on your lunch and dinner. This plan always depends on your weight. So, you should carefully prepare the plan.

Day One: This is the amount of 1400 calorie food.

  • Breakfast: 1 slice of toast with 1 tablespoon peanut butter, 1/2 cup grapefruit, and sugar-free tea or coffee.
  • Lunch: 1/2 cup of tuna, 1 slice of toast, and tea or coffee.
  • Dinner: 1 small apple, 3 oz any meat, 1 cup bean, 1 cup yogurt with honey and water or black coffee.

Day Two: This is the amount of 1200 calorie food.

  • Breakfast: 2 ounces cooked chicken, 1 slice of toast, sugar-free juice, or coffee.
  • Lunch: 1 cup of cottage cheese, 1 hard-boiled egg, 5 saltine crackers, tea, or water
  • Dinner: 2 slices ripe papaya or carrot, 1 peach grail chicken, 1/2 cup cabbages, 1/2 cup vanilla ice-cream, coffee, tea.

Day Three: This is the amount of 1100 calorie food.

  • Breakfast: 1 small apple, 5 saltine crackers, 1 slice of cheddar cheese.
  • Lunch: 1 hard boil egg, 1/2 cup of whole-grain cereal, coffee or tea, and water.
  • Dinner: 1/2 papaya, 1 low-fat milk, and 1 hard-boiled egg.

Some Substitution:

  • Green bean: Tomatoes, beans, lettuce.
  • Coffee or tea: warm lemon juice.
  • Chicken: Tofu, lentils, beans.
  • Papaya: Banana, apricots, watermelon.
  • Egg: Low-fat milk, yogurt, or cheese.
  • Peanut butter: Almond butter, soya, nuts, or seeds.

How does it helps with with weight loss?

How does 3-day diet helps with weight loss?

A military meal diet divides into two phases over a 7 period. For 3- days, you can follow a low-calorie meal menu. This diet plan has no snacks in between meals. So per day, you can lose 1100-1400 calories during this phase and the result is good.

For the remaining 4 days in a week, you can cheer up by eating healthy foods. Carry on by keeping your calories low. Here you can also take snacks and there has no food limitation.

This diet plan encourages limiting portion size and keeps total calories under 1500 per day. Finally, you can repeat this diet several times until you lose enough weight.

How safe and reliable it is for weight loss?

For short-term weight loss, a 3-day diet is safe for average people. There will be no worry about getting weight while you are on this diet plan. However, if you follow the weight loss diet for a month, I’ll limit your calories intake a lot. Besides, the goal of this diet is to lose a lot of weight in a few days. You’ll lose 10 pounds if you follow this diet rule properly.

It is not safe for people with serious medical conditions. Such as diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, pregnancy times, and old-age people should avoid this diet. Because there are a lot of low-fat, low-salt types of food. Finally, if you have overweight but no sickness you can perfectly maintain this diet.

Should you do exercise with this diet?

Exercise is not mandatory on the 3-day diet for weight loss plan. You can do minimum exercise like walking, jogging, dancing, yoga, etc. These exercises improve your blood circulation, enhance your muscle, and refresh your mind.

Most of the time we don’t follow any exercise when maintaining a diet. Exercise is one of the best parts to relax the body. So, we should do any kind of exercise when we are on any diet.

What makes a 3-day diet plan hard to follow?

Eating fewer calories is essential for losing weight. So the military diet plan is the best for low calories food. Similarly, if you adjust it in 3 days, you can try it every week. Most foodies don’t maintain this diet because they are hungry and eat high calories food.

All kinds of things have some disadvantage, yes, the military diet plan has some probable problem such as,

  • Restriction of food: Restriction of food means you can only take your calories 3 times. Some times you don’t get enough vitamins and minerals without eating healthy food. Because this diet has some limitations, you can’t take any items to replace this diet menu.
  • Consist of high calories food: peanut butter, hot dogs, bread, and cheese are high calories food. This food contains salt and fat. So it increases sodium and fat in the body that is not good for health.
  • Tough to follow: The military diet meal plan claims that you should carefully quantify food. Hold on to the strict menu.

Moreover, it is highly limiting and does not offer any softness. As a result, some of the limitations may help an unhealthy relationship with food. Besides, the military diet meal plan is more challenging to continue the long way comparing with the other diet plans.


The 3-day diet for weight loss plan is applicable among people looking for an easy way to lose weight. It is an easy way to shortcut your meal and gains more benefits. Additionally, this diet restricts calories and balances your food.

If you want to lose weight using a different way, you should try intermittent fasting. With this diet, you can eat almost any food but within a limited time limit daily. Following this diet is more effective and useful. So, you can get a successful result in a short time.

If you find meal restriction hard to follow then you can do a simple calorie-based diet. Dr. Nowzaradan’s 1200 calorie diet plan is very effective and easy. In addition, you can choose from other calorie-based diet plans like a 1500 calorie diet plan. Also, you can follow a 1000 calorie diet plan which has fewer calories. Finally, the fastest way to lose weight is by doing a 500 calorie diet plan.

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