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If we are going to talk about secrets to success then we should first talk about what is success. Success varies from person to person. But at the end, it comes to this single question,

Did I live a satisfying life?

By the time you ask this question, it’s probably too late to change anything. We sincerely hope the answer is YES in your case. But in case the answer is NO, let’s not wait until the end to ask the question. Let’s ask now,

Am I living a satisfying life now?

If the answer is NO, then let’s find a way to fix that. Firstly, These pieces of advice are for those who are just looking for a decent earning or looking forward to becoming the CEO. Secondly, These pieces of advice are also for people who want to be very wealthy or looking forward to changing the world.

You may ask, what if I’m just looking for a successful marriage or relationship? Finally, let’s see if we can connect all kinds of success goals and discover the secrets to success.

Finding Balance in Life Has the Secrets to Success

Before we talk about secrets to success, let us talk about life itself. Life can be breakdown into these individual parts, for instance

  • Personal
  • Family
  • Social
  • Work
  • Purpose
Secrets to Success by Finding Balance

Personal Life

Firstly, This is the part of your life where you be yourself. Enjoying a morning coffee alone or going for a walk alone, for instance. Secondly, This is the part of life that makes your inner core. Also, this is a part of your life that should be short in length.

Family Life

For many people, this is the main part of their life. They spend a large number of times on family. However, this part of your life shapes your personality. So, It is important that you take it very seriously. Whether you are a happy or sad person that depends mostly on this part of your life.  

Social Life

Firstly, this is a complicated part depending on who you are and what you do. Secondly, This is the part that you mostly spend with your friends. Thirdly, and most importantly, your family may shape your personality but your friends define who you are.

Work Life

Work doesn’t mean you are working for someone; it can mean you are working for yourself or your goals in life. In general, Some people spend the majority of their time on this part of their life. However, there is nothing wrong with that if you love your job or working for yourself.

Purpose of Life

If you have led a successful life, you wouldn’t have to come this far to ask what is the purpose of your life. This is the part of your life when you ask the big questions. But if you have lived a good person, family community, and work-life then you have already fulfilled your purpose.

Secrets to Success in Personal Life

If you are expecting meditation or enlightenment, why not do that? But this part of life is as simple as reading a book or watching a movie. Moreover, It doesn’t even have to be a good book or movie. If you hate the book or the movie, that’s an achievement. Finally, you know what you don’t like and let’s find something good to watch next time.

You mustn’t spend the majority of your time on personal time. Make it few hours a day is enough, maybe one or two hours. Go for a walk, go for a coffee. Just sit somewhere quiet and look back at the day.

Secrets to Success in Family Life

If you thinking of spending more time with your family, why not do that? But this part of life is as simple as respecting each other’s privacy or just talking to each other. This is important that you show interest in each other’s life and once in a while do something different.  Moreover, Spend few hours together is enough, maybe two to three hours. Finally, At the end of the day, make sure to ask about the day.

Secrets to Success in Social Life

Firstly, You must limit your social life to your friends, and not to the entire community. Secondly, if you have a wide social presence, you’ll have to spend lots of time to keep up with that. If you don’t have the time to meet all your friends every day then don’t. Thirdly, Using social media is not entirely a bad idea. Finally, Make sure to spend few hours every day with your friends and try to limit it to two to three hours.

We said your friends define you and this is the part where your social life interacts with your work life.

A successful work-life starts with routine personal life and balanced social life.  

Secrets to Success in Work Life

Let’s talk big because if you are aiming for 100, you’ll at least get to 80. What is the secret to becoming a millionaire? It’s simple,

The more you learn, the more you earn

This is a simple solution but it’s not very specific. Firstly, The secret to becoming a millionaire is to set a goal first. Secondly, Learn as much about how to achieve your goal and finally, be around induvial who share your vision.

  1. Set your goal to achieve something
  2. Learn about how to achieve your goal
  3. Be with individuals who share your vision
  4. Act on your vision or idea as soon as possible

It’s like preparing for war. Locate your target, gather intelligence, assemble your generals, and finally act on it. This may seem easy but this process requires a very particular routine to follow.

Gather new knowledge every day, getting around the best individuals, and never stop learning.

The Biggest Cross Roads Event in Your Life, Is Not What Happens to You. It's Who You Stumbled Upon in Life.
The Biggest Cross Roads Event in Your Life, Is Not What Happens to You. It’s Who You Stumbled Upon in Life.

Usually when you are working for someone, you are working for six to eight hours every day. But when you are working for yourself, make sure to spend two to three hours of your work-time to learn more and communicate with the best individuals.

In conclusion, If you are doing a ten to twelve hours shift, you better love what you are doing. Otherwise learn new skills and look for better working hour options.

Secret to Success in Work Life

Finding a Purpose in Life

This may seem a different part of life but this mostly your personal life interacting with every other aspect of life. Firstly, Finding a purpose can start by giving back to the world. Secondly, This has to be something that gives you satisfaction and mental peace. Finally, A purpose of your life can be your work life. If not, then find some more personal time and spend it doing anything you love.

Here are some prospective,

  • Create something to inspire others
  • Do something to raise awareness
  • Gather and share knowledge
  • Find answers for big questions

Taking Care of Health Has the Secrets to Success

We should have started with health first. But it takes a lot of motivation to change habits. If you are feeling motivated enough to give the balanced life a try then here are some things you must do.

There is no change without a change in routine

So, let’s get started with some basics of having a healthy body and mind.

Secrets to Success by Taking Care of Health

Having a Healthy Body

All you need to do is do minimum exercise every day to keep your vital organs healthy. Especially your heart, a healthy heart means more blood to your barn.

Secrets to success by having a healthy body,

  • If you are sitting most of the time, make sure to eat less accordingly.
  • If you are eating less, make sure to include all the important vitamins and minerals.
  • Finds some time to do muscle movements now and then.

Firstly, If you are taking a lot of food intake and not spending the energy to do anything, your body will start to store food as fat and may end up blocking your heart in the worst-case scenario. Finally, Eating less but healthy food and minimum movements is the key if don’t have time for proper exercise.

Having a Healthy Mind

Having a healthy mind starts with you knowing yourself better. Firstly, If you find yourself in difficulty reading, ask yourself why? This is a sign of Dyslexia. Secondly, If you are having mode swings, ask yourself why? This is a sign of Bipolar Disorder. Finally, We live in the 21st century, you have the ask your questions and millions of people are waiting to answer.

Secrets to success by having a healthy mind,

  • Notice your ups and downs, trigger points
  • Make a note of your unusual habits and routines
  • Learn about mental disorders and look for the similarity

If you find anything new about yourself, learn more about it and look for solutions. That’s the best way to can start solving issues that you didn’t know existed but had an impact on you.

In conclusion, this article’s main purpose is to improve human life and to move forward. The information in this article is based on the personal experience of the author, Shamir Shakher. Feel free to give us your feedback if you think anything can be improved.

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