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Indian bridal makeup is always gorgeous. Brides wear expensive dresses and jewelry. Theses bridal makeup is always stunning, flawless, and magnificent. India is one of the most diverse countries in the world. This country has different cultures. So, the bride wants to maintain their trends and tradition when they choose the bridal look. We see that the most attractive look of Rajasthan bride, the gorgeous appearance of Tamil brides, the Muslim bride with soft looks, and the magnificent of Gujarati brides. 

Desi brides want to make their makeup the most gorgeous and unique sense of style. When they wear makeup, they use photo-ready primer, smooth foundation, and heavy eye makeup. For these luxurious looks, they use bronzer and highlighter to make the appearance shine and lightweight. In this article, we have collected different types of beautiful bridal makeup look that will give you traditional beauty and a trendy glory look.

What makeup do desi brides wear?

Indian bridal makeup is world-famous makeup. It is gorgeous, stunning, and classic. Also, these makeups are always colorful and fabulous. The important in these traditions is the application of Indian bridal makeup. Desi bridals always present themselves with gorgeous outfits, beautiful hand art, nail polish, and attractive makeup. These combinations make them perfect.

The most traditional demanded color across India includes red and gold that is match their outfit and makeup. Besides Desi brides like peach pink, green, blue, maroon, and yellow but red is the most favorable.  Generally, there are brides who like to wear heavy skin base foundation, make their eye makeup golden, peachy, or smoky shade. Also, they like to wear bold red lipsticks that enhance their charming look.  

How long does desi bridal makeup take?

Bridal makeup takes more or less time it depends on your choice. If you choose Indian bridal makeup then it will take proximately 3 hours including your hairstyle. Actually, the timing depends on what kind of makeup look you opt for. If you choose traditionally, HD, or airbrush types of makeup then it takes more time. 

On another way, if you like the trendy smooth look then you will choose HD, airbrush, or mineral makeup. For this makeup, you will need some techniques and machines that create a pore-less smooth look. As a result, Indian makeup artists need a huge product and time for a perfect delivery.

Observing of many makeup artists, they manage their time to do the bridal makeup in such way:

First of all, for the eye makeup, they spend 60 minutes (for gorgeous bridal eye makeup). Then, prepare the base makeup it takes 40 minutes because base blending is the key to your perfect look. After that, setting your hairstyle takes 40 minutes. Finally, touch up the lipstick, wear the outfit and jewelry, it takes 30 minutes. This is the minimum number of minutes to do gorgeous bridal makeup.

What are the best bridal makeups for a memorable wedding?

Every Indian bride wants to present themselves with a glamorous and stunning look at the wedding ceremony. Indian bridal look is gorgeous and classic that making a bride very charming. These continental areas maintain two types of bridal makeup like trendy and traditional.  If you choose different types of trendy bridal makeup then it will make your makeup so elegant. Besides, most of the brides want to keep their traditional look. As a result, they wear traditional jewelry and outfit.

So, when you choose the Indian bridal look, you should keep in mind your trend and tradition. Also, two types of makeup combinations you can try on your big day.

For your gorgeous desi bridal makeup inspiration, we have collected the best Indian bridal makeup idea that you can try.

Traditional indian bridal makeup ideas

Traditional Indian bridal look depends on the culture. Also, the traditional wedding color is red, green, blue, and white. desi brides like to wear red bold lipsticks with their gorgeous red and white combination sari. Besides, they like to wear heavy jewelry and a glossy look.

So, scroll down to see the best traditional Indian bridal look that makes a bride attractive and lovely. 

1. Royal intense with a Rajasthani glance

Rajasthani brides like to wear beautiful makeup with their beautiful attire. They wear gorgeous embroidery lehenga or ghagra. Also, these brides wear extra dupatta to cover their heads. The brides probably wear Borla (on kind of ornaments that wear on the head) with colorful lehenga.

Rajasthani brides wear heavy outfits and jewelry but they wear light makeup like this picture. First of all, they use a light matt base foundation and always make their eye makeup attractive. Also, they match eyeshade with their outfit color. Kohl and mascara use to be shady and highlight the eye side. They like to use pink shade blush on their beautiful cheek. After that, they prefer to use bold red or maroon lips that enhance their royal intense. Besides, they like to use flower-patterned and fine line Mehendi designs. Finally, for the hairstyle, they make a top knot bun and a simple pony. This is the most popular bridal makeup in India.

Beautiful Indian Bridal Makeup idea with kundan jewelry

2. Wing liner with Tamil bridal makeup

Tamil brides like to wear wing liners with red lips and coral shades. They prefer to wear a simple zari sari or lehenga. Also, they wear gold jewelry overall. For this Indian bridal look, firstly, they choose eye makeup with golden color shadow. Also, they shape their eyebrows smoothly. Then, wing the liner deeply and apply mascara. For making base makeup they use a heavy liquid foundation to make moisture look. After that, they like to wear red color lipstick to make their appearance eye-catching. Finally, use a highlighter to touch up their nose, chin, and cheekbone.

3. Muslim bride with elongated eyeliner

Desi Muslim brides want an attractive look on the wedding day. On the wedding day, they wear traditional gorgeous dresses like salwar kameez. They use a dupatta to cover the head. Generally, Muslim brides prefer soft and shiny makeup. Also, they wear heavy jewelry, and the brides always like red, maroon, purple shades.

For this soft and glamour look like this picture use light matt foundation. Apply concealer under the eye and nose side. Then focus on your eye makeup, Muslim brides like to wear elongated eyeliner with dark eye shadow. Apply mascara to coat your lash line and highlight your cheekbone with a pink color blush palette. Finally, use peach pink lipstick to make a perfect combination with your eye makeup. For the hairstyle, they like to use a tidy low bun and make a charming look.

Donning the bold Indian bridal makeup look

4. Gujarati style with classical matte makeup

The majority of Gujarati desi brides have a simple and classic bridal look planned for their big day. If you are among them, then opt for these traditional Indian bridal makeup looks.

For this traditional bridal makeup, just use a heavy foundation with compact power. It makes the face oil-free and dry. Then, prepare the browser line thin like this picture. After that, apply eye shadow to match your attire. And also, Gujarati always like to brighten faces, for this reason, they use brighter cream to powder makeup foundation. Besides, they wear Kundan jewelry, bracelet, bangles, and necklaces to create a striking look. Also, they create a high bun with a traditional outfit for the wedding.

Going the traditional way

5. Panjabi bridals look with golden glitter

Punjabi brides always choose gorgeous Indian bridal makeup. These brides choose to wear red, green, orange, and golden color attire. The brides wear a lehenga with a matching dupatta to cover her head. They also wear modern jewelry and tie a Karlie set on their wrist. Punjabi bride chooses vibrant bright lip color like peach, red, or orange that matches their overall outfit. Then, create a smoky eye with golden shadow glitter that boosts their beauty.

Also, they use thick eyeliner and mascara for enhancing their glam. Finally, apply golden copper blush and highlighter to make a classical look. For the hairstyle, create a messy or ring bun with matches the makeup. Punjabi brides always look charming.

The Golden look

Trendy indian bridal makeup ideas

Trendy makeup means a very fashionable and up-to-date look. Brides always want to make their brides look classical and fashionable. Makeup trends change every year. Nowadays we like natural tones but make dramatic gorgeous eye makeup, highlighting the top and dazzling cheekbones.

We have arranged a list of all the Indian bridal makeup trends that you can try easily.    

6. HD makeup with the gorgeous red combination

HD makeup is high-definition makeup that makes your looks flawless and enhances an ethereal glow. This makeup is very popular among desi brides. For creating this HD look, first of all, use a blender and blusher to get that smooth look.  This is a technique that creates a shiny look.

If you like soft and natural tones then you can apply this trend.  Basically, this technique makes your skin unblemished and smooth. This makeup looks using mask-like or heavy foundation. Then use concealer on the eyelid and under the eye. Blend the product perfectly till matches the texture with your natural skin. After that, apply dark shadow to make the eye smoky. Finally, apply semi-matte lipstick to make a shiny look.

All-time favorite red for the Indian bridal makeup look

7. Dewy makeup with pastel pink

Dewy makeup is a popular moisture makeup among desi brides. It is a mixture of moist bases for dry skin, shiny eye shadow, bold brows, and bright lips. This is a fashionable and modern-day wedding look for bides. For this bridal makeup, first of all, apply moisturizer in every dot on each dry portion. Moisturizer will make your skin soft and nourish. As a result, it does not dry your foundation and cakey base.

However, you can apply a primer that creates a smooth base. Then, use a light cream foundation to make a soft tone. For the dewy look, pastel pink is an elegant combination of eye makeup.  Create a dramatic smoky eye with pink shade then use light pink blush on your cheek and forehead. Finally, apply glossy red-pink lipstick to make a pretty appearance.

No Makeup Bridal Look

8. Airbrush makeup for shine look

The airbrush makeup is the most popular Indian bridal makeup. Beauty blender, sponge, and brush do not use this makeup. Only use an airbrush machine to apply the base makeup. For this makeup, products will spray on the face in a thin layer. It creates skin texture and makes watertight beauty. This trendy makeup makes your skin healthy and shiny. It is long-lasting makeup and you can get a fresh look for almost 12 hours. After finishing the base makeup, then you can make dramatic eye makeup with wing liner and coating mascara.  If your skin is extremely sensitive then this can be a better option for you.

The Maharani bridal look

9. 3D elegance looks with bronze shade

3D makeup makes your skin texture smooth and shine. In this technique, professional makeup artists use different types of foundations that create dark and highlighter shadows on your face. If you want to wear the latest makeup trend, that will great choice for your wedding day. This makeup trick highlights your best feature by pushing them into the limelight.

For this makeup, makeup artists use different types of shade to achieve the perfect contour of the face. First of all, they use a natural skin tone foundation for base makeup. Then, use dark and light shade concealer for creating a accentuate curve on your face. This makeup use bronzer, contouring, and highlighter that creates a dramatic model look. Apply light concealer shade on your cheekbone, chin, and forehead. After that, use bronzer shade under your jaw-line to curve them out. Finally, brides who want to create a fantasy of full lip can create a thin lip under their lower lip. This will certainly ensure that you look the natural best on your wedding day.

The Golden-Bronze Look

10. Mineral makeup with Arabic style

Desi brides like to wear mineral makeup with the Arabic style. They want to get a classy professional look on the wedding day. The most recent trending Indian bridal makeup idea is that of stunning yet simple wedding makeup looks. For this look, makeup artists use chemical-free cosmetics that do not badly impact your skin. If you have soft and sensitive skin then you will apply this makeup. For the base makeup, they use a light mineral makeup foundation and primer. Then, create a dramatic smoky eye with a wing liner. If you want to wear light color lehenga then you should apply red bold lipstick to create a gorgeous look. Finally, you can wear a white crown to make a royal appearance.

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