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When you get an invitation to a wedding party then you will eagerly think about wedding guest makeup. What kind of makeup do you will wear to this party as a guest? So, as a wedding invitee, you can wear simple or gorgeous makeup that looks make you gorgeous.

You can dress up for the wedding but it will not be more than the bride. So, as a wedding guest, your makeup will match your outfit and the party theme. Make always depend on time. If you join a day wedding party then you should wear light makeup. OR, if your party time is evening then you can try some heavy makeup. However, light or heavy, try some beautiful choices of wedding guest hair and bridesmaid makeup ideas. Those make you an attractive look when you will take a photo with the bride.

15 best ideas for wedding guest makeup

Wedding guests not only wear simple or light makeup it can be gorgeous. But as a wedding guest, you can choose some beautiful combinations. Also, you make sure your makeup has a perfect balance. Do not try to outshine the bride. So, for your perfect makeup, you can choose the below ideas like dark lip with light shadow or matte look with a bronze shiner. The perfect combination is a major of makeup. However, do not mismatch color; make an attractive look for a long time.

In this article, you can get some makeup ideas for wedding guests. That will help you to get instant makeup thoughts.

Natural wedding guest makeup

When you ready your outfit and jewelry for joining the wedding ceremony, then you try to combine the makeup. Also, makeup is always tricky when you do that. If you join a daytime and warmer season wedding party then you should try some matte and light makeup. When you try some light makeup, use some better quality products for a base that stays long-lasting.

If you do not wear makeup for daily time, then you should make out some natural wedding makeup. For your ready time you can try the below ideas:

Soft glam with light base

If you join a daylight wedding ceremony then you can choose this flawless makeup. For this light base makeup, you should always focus on your lip. Eye and lip combination is major in this makeup. Do not gorgeous your eye rather than your lip. Also, if you want to create a soft glam look you need a flawless foundation. Use light golden shade eye shadow with a winging liner to highlight your beautiful eye. To create your rosy cheek, you must use bendable formula blush that makes your cheek glow and shiny.

Finally, you need to use nude matte lipstick like light peach or light brown color. That color enchanting your makeup mixture and makes you beautiful. You will prepare your hair after then finishing your makeup. You can try a French messy bun with your long gown for a perfect match with a soft glam look.

Soft glam with light base

Adorable makeup with pale peach lip

This look is all about simplicity. Rosy cheeks and pale peach lip make you look radiant and adorable. For this cute look, you can use glowy primer and a liquid highlighter that makes your skin shine and luminous.

Then, Make your eyebrows full fluffy that creates a nice frame face. If your skin tone is bright then use light skin tone eye shadow with wing liner. Apply a highlighter in your eye corner and must use lashes to bigger your eyes. Finally, use pale peach lipstick that enhances your prettiness. For your hairstyle with match this makeup, adorn your hair with a twist messy side bun. This combination makes you sweet.

Adorable makeup with pale peach lip

The simple day look

If you like to make a simple look for a special day then you can choose this idea. This simple day look makes you natural but gorgeous. For the glam-up look pick a perfect base primer that makes your makeup long-lasting. Also, you can choose a skin tone concealer to hide your under-eye dark circle and black spot. Because doing this makeup you do not use heavy foundation or other products. Just use primer and concealer. Then, use bright types of lipstick like red or pink that make your simple look enchanting.  

Finally, to set up your hair, you can keep your hair open with waves curl. Or you can tie your hair with a ring bun. This is the easiest and most natural look for a sunny day wedding party.

The simple day wedding guest makeup look

Golden glam up look

The golden glam-up look is a natural wedding guest makeup look. This is mainly the daytime wedding look. If you are an invitee for a wedding day then you can choose that makeup. For this shiny look, you need to use glossy lipsticks and apply shimmer on your cheeks and T-zone. Use long lash to bigger your eye and wing your lashes line with black liner. To make glossy lips you can use nude color lip gloss that makes your look wow-worthy.

Finally, to set your hair you can try a side messy bun with a flower crown like this picture. This combination makes you look classy and elegant.

Golden glam up wedding guest makeup look

Minimalist makeup

This is natural makeup for wedding guests. If you have blond hair and want to make a soft sun-kissed glowing look then you can try it. You can start with a good base that makes a flawless minimalist look. Then, use a solid matte bronzer that breaks your face. It will contour your face shape while you prepare a natural look. Apply subtle shimmer on your T-zone that gives you a glowy, and dewy look. The most important thing for this looks you will prepare your eyebrows to frame your face.  

Finally, use shiny nude color lip gloss or matte lipstick that makes you pretty and spice up your lip. Make your hairstyle with combined minimalist makeup you can try wave curl that creates a stunning makeup look.

Minimalist wedding guest makeup

Matching with pink look

This is a simple and natural look for wedding guests. Most common thing, when your want to join a wedding you want to make your look simple but attractive. If you like pink shades then you can use pink color to match all over. This color is a soft tone and a simple combination for all. If all group members want to dress up with pink shade then you can try that cute look.

For this look, you can pick dark makeup and uses matte makeup products. Also, you can wear dark pink shade lipsticks. Moreover, you can use rose shade blush on your apples of the cheek for a natural flush. Also, use liner on your lashes line and mascara for bigger on your eye. With this simple makeup, you can try a curl setting for your hair or a simple hairdo.

Matching with a dark pink wedding guest makeup look

Traditional look for wedding guests

Sometimes wedding guests want to maintain their tradition. They wear trendy gorgeous ornaments and traditional dresses that make them classic. So a touch of the traditional look makes you attractive. With this idea, you can try your next wedding invitation.

Enchanting with copper-tone

If your skin tone is warm or if you join a traditional wedding ceremony then you can try the idea. This is a nice combination with glided jewelry, a copper tone bronzer, and a red lip. This makeup looks gorgeous but it is a simple combination with purple jewelry and red lip. If your skin tone is warm then apply copper tone bronzer on your cheek and nose that enchants your T-zone. Also, this Indian bridal makeup looks make you attractive.

Finally, prepare your hairstyle; you can try a low bun with this traditional look. This style makes you elegant and simple.

Enchanting with copper-tone

A dramatic look with a red lip

A traditional look is always famous for all. If you join a Hindu wedding ceremony then you can try this idea. Choose a traditional costume lehenga and wear designing jewelry that makes you gorgeous. Also, make your eye makeup golden glitzy shade with full brows. Also, you can use kohl in your under lid that makes your eye attractive. Prepare you to base makeup with a light foundation but make it glossy use a shiny highlighter on your T-zone.

 Finally, bold your lip with coral gradient red lipstick. That look gives you a perfect monochromatic luster. Prepare your hair to match with this makeup you can try a soft-out curl setting for your long hair.

A dramatic look with a red lip

Full Smoky eyes with classical look

Full smoky eyes are a lovely wedding guest makeup look. This is a romantic wedding makeup look and is most popular among wedding guests. If you wear a dark and gorgeous dress then you can try this look. For this beautiful makeup, you draw your eyebrows naturally. Then, use ash and black color eye shadow to prepare the soft smoky eye. Also, use long lashes with mascara and kohl on your under lid. Go nude-type lipstick to keep the focus on your eye and dress.

Wear some luxurious jewelry and make your hair a normal hairdo with cover-up some natural flowers. You can try this look for the evening wedding party and make your look trendy.

Full Smoky eyes with classical wedding guest makeup look

Gorgeous wedding guest makeup

If you use to about your daily makeup then you should change when your invitee is on the wedding guest. For joining any wedding party you can try a warm look like a sultry copper eye with a dark lip. Or matte looks with the lavender eye. This type of look makes you stunning.   

Warm look sultry copper eye

This is a gorgeous look for wedding guests. You can choose this warm look for your evening party. For this makeup, you can use a sultry copper tone shade for eye makeup and make your eye smoky. Use a pensile liner to smudge lightly on the lower waterline for creating a perfect brown eye effect. When you prepare this look you should create your eye gel to perfectly make your brows.

Do not avoid eyelashes because it makes your eye more attractive. Also, apply a thin line across the lash line that makes your eye beautiful. With this gorgeous eye, you can apply dark purple lipstick that makes an eye-catching look.

Warm look sultry copper eye

Matte look with the lavender eye

This is an amazing look for wedding guest makeup. Pastel lavender eye shadow with mixing some bronze that combination makes the elegant matte look. This wedding guest makeup look is unique and attractive for all types of skin tones. For this look, you must use contouring your cheek and shimmer your T-zone. 

If you are joining an evening party, then these looks will make you lovely.

Matte look with the lavender eye

Classical look with red lip

This is a soft gorgeous look for wedding guest makeup. A light smoky shade with champagne golden tone shadow makes your eye wow-worthy. This is the perfect match of concealer and golden shade eye shadows. You can try this look for the afternoon wedding ceremony.

However, if you are looking for an intense vibe of your eye then use red semi-matte lipstick. Red lipstick can enhance all beauty and that makes you classic.

Classical look with red lip

Cut crease eye with thick lashes

This perfect combination with thick lashes and cut crease eye. When you wear a long gown and make your hair side ‘do’ then you can try a cut crease look. This is a simple but fabulous idea for wedding guest makeup. If your skin is warm tone then you can also try this party makeup for dark skin.

It is a nice sound to cut the crease of your eyelid. For this gorgeous cut crease combination, you apply eye primer and a lighter shade of concealer on your eyelid. Then, apply a highlighter on your browser line that makes a glittery effect on your eye. Finally,  since you have made your eye makeup on a cut crease, you can use light-colored lipstick to match it. This is a perfect combination for evening time wedding guest makeup

Cut crease eye with thick lashes

Beauty with pastel colors

Pastel color is unique and this color says your personality. This is simple makeup for wedding guests.  Also, you can it for summer season wedding party. For this look, you can choose soft pink eye shadow or light lavender color shadow. Of Crouse, use kohl and black liner on your upper or lower lid line. Then, at least blend it well on this pastel color for your eye makeup.  Do not use huge colors for eye makeup. Just use one color shade.  If you want to keep your eye makeup light rosy then you should keep your lip glossy.

Always keep your cheek a light hue or baby pink that enhances your beauty. Finally, finishing your pastel wedding touch up you can prepare your hairstyle. You can try a front twist with a side vantage bun that is the perfect combination of beauty with pastel.

Beauty with pastel colors

Glowy with purple

Sometimes if you want to make you different look then you can try purple glowy makeup as a wedding guest. Glittery silver shadow with a purple tone makes your look gorgeous. It is important to choose when you make eye makeup. Use a perfect color on your eye makeup with matching your outfit. Apply rosy shade blush on your cheek and wear false lash to make your look gorgeous.

Apply light pink shade lip gloss that enhances your daylight shine. If your face is round then try a messy hairdo with some gorgeous clips for decorating your hair.

Glowy with purple


Makeup is always creative; do not mismatch color with your outfit. When you join a wedding party try some attractive and classical look. Select some glamorous hues that create a simple and elegant luxury trendy look. 

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