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Nowadays, in this modern world makeup is a thing that you can’t skip. If you are a girl makeup is an essential element in your daily life. And, in this busy world, everyone is busy and wants to save time. So, simple makeup looks are best for every girl in daily life. Makeup is not so hard thing if you choose the perfect products and know the process very well. In this article we will help you with details about simple makeup looks for beginners. So, keep scrolling below.  

Where to start beginner simple makeup looks?

If you are a beginner, or you are a master of everyday makeup, we would use a refresher when it turns to what is in our makeup bag. You need things that will help you to save time. In your daily life, you need some quick makeup looks. Besides, makeup represents your personality. So, choose which look is perfect for school and which look is perfect for the office.

Start with the basics of the products

When it comes to creating a makeup look, the choice totally depends on you. You may want natural makeup or heavy makeup for a date night. But you definitely want some simple makeup looks that you can complete easily. So, in this article, we will give you ideas for some simple looks you can create without any complexion.

Have a look at your basic makeup with the help of our guide below.


The first thing you have to apply is a high-quality primer. Primer comes in cream, gels, and even sprays. Also, it makes a canvas on your face and fills the large pores and fine lines.  So that, the makeup sits on your face gently and will last long.


Foundation comes in three forms, cream, powder, and liquid. There are various types of foundations are available in the market. But you have to choose the perfect shade of foundation for your skin tone. And you have to consider, what type of coverage level you want. If you want a natural look then pick a light coverage foundation, and if you want heavy makeup then use a full coverage foundation.


You have to use a concealer to add an extra layer on your dark spots, scars, pimples, or the areas you want more coverage.  Maximus of the beginners doesn’t use concealer, but if you want a proper natural look, you have to use concealer.

Blush and highlighter

In a makeup look, it’s essential to apply a highlighter and a blush. You have to apply a perfect shade of blush and a highlighter to your cheekbones. For natural makeup, you have to use a light shade of blush. And, for heavy makeup, you have to use a medium shade of blush.

Setting powder

The powder is an essential element for setting up your makeup. Also, the powder will give a matte look, and your makeup will last longer.


Eyeshadow is a powder that you have to apply to your eyelids so that, you can accentuate your eyes. Also, eyeshadows come in various types, and shades ranging from shimmery to matte.


If you want to define your eyes, and want to create different looks, then eyeliner is a must. There are three types of eyeliner, liquid, pencil, and gel. You can use your preferable one.


If you want to enhance and define your eyelashes, then you have to use mascara. Also, you can create your eyelashes thicker, longer, and fuller depending on the formula.

Eyebrow pencil

For drawing your eyebrows, and creating a natural look you have to use an eyebrow pencil.

Lip pencil

You have to use lip pencils to draw the shape of your lips and an outline. So that, you can have a parameter before applying lipsticks.


Lipsticks will help you to add color to your lips and enhance the beauty of your features.

What are the steps for creating simple makeup looks?

Simple makeup is easy to do if you follow all the steps properly. So here are some easy steps for simple beginners’ makeup look.

1. Prepare your skin

For any makeup look, the first thing you have to do is prepare your skin. Pick a high-quality cleanser and lukewarm water. After that, wash your face properly and wait a little bit to dry your face. Then, apply a moisturizer that’s perfect for your skin. If you have oily skin then, avoid an oily moisturizer, and for dry face use an oily moisturizer. After applying moisturizer, wait a bit to observe it on your face. Then, you have to apply a high-quality primer and blend it gently into your face. You can pick your favorite primer, and you can try various primers, to ensure that it’s perfect for your skin. A primer will help you to set the makeup properly. Wait a bit after applying primer. So, your skin is ready for applying makeup.

2. Apply base makeup

After preparing your skin, you have to apply a foundation. But it’s tough to find the right shades of foundation that perfectly match your skin. So, you can test a foundation before buying, apply some into your jawline and try to blend it. If the foundation will blend perfectly, then you choose the right one. Also, you have to select which type of makeup looks you want. If you want simple makeup looks for beginners, you have to pick a light coverage foundation, and for gorgeous makeup pick a high coverage foundation.

Apply base makeup to start simple makeup looks

After applying foundation add some concealer to hide your scars, pimple, and pigmented areas. Also, a concealer will help you to create natural looks. Then, add a little amount of compact powder to set the makeup. Now it’s time to apply blush and highlighter. For simple makeup, you have to apply peach, light pink, or nude shade of blush to your cheekbones. After that, you have to add some highlighter to your cheekbones to create a natural glow. So, your base makeup is ready.

3. Apply eye makeup

After completing base makeup, add eye makeup. First of all, apply a light shade of eyeshadow to your eyelid, then add one shade deep and blend it well. If you want simple makeup looks, add peachy, rosy pink, and a nude shade of eyeshadows to your eyelid. And, if you want gorgeous makeup, add deep color shadows. Then, add a little bit of mascara and eyeliner. To fulfill your eye makeup, draw your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. And, your eye makeup is complete.

Apply eye makeup

4. Apply lipsticks

If you want simple makeup looks for beginners, the thing you can’t skip is adding lipstick. Your makeup will remain incomplete if you don’t add lipstick. And, if you want simple makeup add a light shade of lipstick, for gorgeous makeup add a dark shade of lipstick.

Apply lipsticks

What are some simple makeup looks you can try?

There is the various simple look you can try for getting ready. But you have to choose a simple look that’s perfect for your occasion or office and then follow all the steps. So, here we will help you with some simple makeup looks ideas that you can try. If your skin tone is bright, or brown don’t worry about it, just read the article properly and you will get ideas about makeup looks.

Nude makeup look

Nowadays, the nude makeup look is the trend. Also, a nude makeup look is so light and looks like a scrubbed face that is fresh, but better. You have to start this makeup look with a clean face. So, first of all, clean your face with a cleanser. After that, you have to apply a moisturizer and a primer. Primer is essential for light makeup, so don’t skip it. After applying a primer, wait a bit for observing your face. And keep in mind that, heavy base makeup will not give you the nude look you are aiming for. So, use a BB cream, or a light coverage foundation that matches nicely with your skin tone.

After that, blend your foundation gently and set it with a compact powder. Then, use a matte or a shimmery eyeshadow on your eyelid and use a brown color eyeliner. Now you have to use a rosy or peach shade blush, and a little coat of mascara. The last thing you have to do is apply nude shade lipstick. And, your simply stunning look is ready. Girls who want simple makeup looks can try nude makeup looks for a stunning look. 

Nude simple makeup

Smoky eye makeup

This makeup look is very popular nowadays. If you want a simple but gorgeous look, then a smokey eye look is perfect for you. Here is all the attention you have to create on your eyes. So, you have to apply a light shade of lipstick. But the first thing you have to do is wash your face and then apply a moisturizer. And then start your makeup with a high-quality primer. Then, apply a foundation and blend it gently. For smoky eye makeup, you have to apply a concealer to your eyelid gently.

After that, use an eye pencil in brown or black color and draw along your upper eyelid close to your lashes. And, create a cat-eye when you reach your outer corner. So, you have to draw a line on the crease of your eyes, from the end of your cat-eye. Now, blend the lines gently with your fingers. Then, apply some mascara and draw your eyebrow with a brow powder or pencil. Finally, use a copper shade blush and nude shade lipstick for the best look

Simple smoky eye

Focus on the glittery eye look

If you want a simple but party makeup look, then this look is perfect for you. To create a glitter eye look, you have to follow all the steps same as a smoky eye. But don’t forget to wash your face and prepare your skin for makeup. You have to just layer on your favorite shade of glitter in the end. But remember one thing; don’t use excess glitter as it looks unnatural. Then, use a shimmery blush and highlighter on your cheekbones. Use a brow powder or pencil to draw your eyebrows. Finally, use a lip gloss or creamy lipstick with this glitter eye look.

Simple glitter eye

Stunning look with bold lipstick

If you want simple makeup looks for dark or brown skin, then these types of looks are perfect for you. Firstly, you have to prepare your skin with lukewarm water and a cleanser. Then, you have to apply high-quality moisturizer and a primer. Secondly, Choose a perfect foundation for you. Don’t pick an excess bright tone, choose a foundation that matches the shade of your skin. Then, blend the foundation perfectly and add a little bit of compact powder to set the foundation. Thirdly, add a peach, or shimmery tone blush and highlighter to your cheekbones. Then, add some peachy, or golden eyeshadow lightly and a little bit of black eyeliner and mascara. Finally, add a dark shade of lipstick like, red or purple to create a stunning look.

old color lipstick

Minimalist makeup looks

If you want simple makeup for every day, then you can try these bright color looks. First, you have to prepare your skin with a cleanser, and then apply moisturizer and a high-quality primer. Then, choose a BB cream, or foundation that gives you a natural look and blends perfectly. If you want bright makeup you have to choose a single color. You can choose light pink, peach, purple, etc. Then you have to apply it in different shades all over your face. You can use bright on your lips, a light shade, color on your cheekbones, and eyelids. And, add a little bit of mascara if you want or you can skip it. This type of look is simple and easy to do.

Minimalist makeup look

Glossy lips makeup

These types of looks are elegant and easy to do. Firstly, you have to prepare your skin and apply base makeup. Also, you can apply a BB cream if you don’t have time for applying foundation. Then, add a little bit of peachy tone eyeshadow and a pink shade of blush to your cheekbones. Then, add a pinky shade or a peachy shade of lip gloss to your lips. So, these types of makeup look will help you to create beautiful looks.

Glossy lips makeup

All these makeup looks will save your time as it’s easy to do. You have to just choose the perfect products and follow all the simple makeup looks step by step to make your desired look. Find more easy makeup looks for beginners with step by step guide for everyday use.

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