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The fact is that training a makeup artist for black skin to work with simple makeup for dark skin is not a concern for many companies. For example, MAC does not really teach you a lot about working with a makeup artist for black skin tones. A makeup artist for black skin learns with trial and error when dark-skinned customers want their makeup done perfectly. The reason for that is the absence of company support for dark-skinned customers. So, Scott Osbourne is here for the rescue.

Understand your undertone is the key to makeup for black skin

It is not surprising considering that Osbourne grew up watching fashion events with his mother. So, he engineers vibrant, advanced looks that embellish the faces of Keke Palmer, Rico Nasty, and HBO’s hit show, Euphoria.

I believe, with perfect makeup, anything is feasible. There are no rules. A lot of it is, I’m not going to say made up, but, it’s been done so people just believe it’s right.

Scott Osbourne

To save you some valuable time, we asked the right man with redefining beauty appeal for some guidance. Keep reading to discover how to prevent typical errors when doing your perfect party makeup for dark skin.

Do not be intimidated by white

Osbourne states the concern he sees the most regarding makeup for black skin is discoloration. Granted, it will certainly be easier to discover shade matches if more drug-store lines had inclusive shade varieties. Until then, Osbourne says understanding your undertone will certainly help you.

Besides, if you look much better in silver and chrome-colored jewelry, you likely may have a cool undertone. Finally, Gold jewelry is suitable for people with warm skin tones. If you look excellent in all types of metals, congratulations! You have a neutral skin tone.

Most foundation for black skin shade descriptions consist of an undertone, so understanding yours is always an excellent idea. It is especially helpful when looking for makeup for black skin online.

Do not think that your face is only one color

When Osbourne started his work at MAC, he matched the foundation for black skin to individuals’ chests. So, The problem is that our faces have a tendency to be darker in comparison to our chests.

Find an excellent transition shade to do makeup for dark skin

Brown skin has a lot of depth. It’s not one color. It’s not one shade. I might put one skin foundation on the lower half of the face, a different shade at the top, and two different shades under the eyes because nobody is just one shade all across..

Scott Osbourne

So, do not be afraid to combine your foundations and concealers on the back of the hand. Also to match various tones of your face. Your skin type is multidimensional, why should your foundation for black skin shade be flat?

Find an excellent transition shade to do makeup for black skin

Any person that believes people with black skin color can’t use has not scrolled with Osbourne’s Instagram. He’s crafted sickeningly stunning red, blue, and purple looks for numerous dark-skinned clients.

Find an excellent transition shade to do makeup for dark skin

Every color can work on everybody. It actually goes with any type of bright color because it transitions easily. I use the colors Alert and Rush on almost all of my brown-skinned women. The Tapered Fenty Brush, I can use for everything. I can use it to blend under the eye, I use it to blend eyeshadow obviously, concealer, I can use it for brows. My MAC 224 brush is one of my holy grail brushes.

Scott Osbourne

Do not be intimidated by white

There’s an unlikely factor in each of Osbourne’s trademark fantasy looks, White.

No matter what client, I always add a touch of white. If you have brown skin, blend it out with some brown, but pack all the color in one area so that your focus is a really vibrant color.

Scott Osbourne

That’s why whatever he creates looks cool, futuristic, as well as fresh. The contrast between white pigment and black skin yields ethereal and transcendent outcomes. Osbourne broke down the retro 90’s supermodel glamour he provided for Glow Princess.

You need to know what I place in the center? White lipstick.

Scott Osbourne

To mingle it in, he added a touch of light pink. For contrast, he applied a strong layer of Chestnut lip liner.

For soft glow, if you are going to do bold eye, go with a neutral lip

Firstly, soft glam means something various for every person. Secondly, someone’s soft glam might mean light CC cream, tinted under-eye concealer, and a gloss. Thirdly, for a person like Osbourne who defines his aesthetic as “fun”, soft glam might mean numerous things. Still, Osburne often tends to adhere to one straightforward standard.

For soft glow, If you are going to do bold eye, go with a neutral lip

I feel like with soft glam you never want to go as harsh as a heavy red lip. Stick to your neutrals.

Scott Osbourne

Finally, here are some of the makeup products he uses for black skin. To create a smokey eye that is totally soft-glam.

Recently I started using the FENTY Brow, but I also used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow and I would go in with a MAC Stud Pencil just to brush through the brows. It’s going to hydrate the skin so you won’t have that powdery dry look.

Scott Osbourne

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