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Choosing perfect party makeup for dark skin is often difficult. From grabbing the ideal shades of foundation to obtaining an eye shadow that makes the eyes pop is quite difficult to choose. Considering what makeup will look excellent on you is a vital ability to have sometimes. Perfect makeup for the dark skin that enhances your charm may increase your confidence for an impressive party night.

Step 1: Choosing Foundation

Choosing Foundation for Dark Skin

Use the appropriate foundation to do perfect party makeup for dark skin.

Different foundation for dark skin or brown skin works with different types of makeup. To do party makeup for dark skin consider your skin type before selecting a foundation. Your skin can be much oilier or completely dry. The face which is always glossy, breakouts quickly, and contains bigger pores, may consider as oily skin. On the other hand, a face that has a harsh surface with red patches may contain pores that are hardly recognizable or may have flaking skin, which can consider as dry skin. In the case of mixed skin, some areas of the face contain oil and other areas look dry.

  • Girls with oily skin and larger pores should make use of a matte foundation. It will assist to dry up skin’s all-natural oils.
  • Girls with dry skin need to moisturize first, and afterward, use a luscious foundation as opposed to a matte one. Thus, the skin will be moisturized and look fresh.
  • Girls with mixed skin should select a foundation that can give preferred end impact.

Make use of foundation for your skin’s undertones.

Undertones are considered the base of the color of skin. They are separated in 3 different ways: cool, cozy, or neutral. Foundation shade should remain in the same type as skin’s undertones. Moreover, you can do some straightforward tests to identify what undertones you have.

  • White vs. cream examination: get 2 posts of clothes, one white and the other off-white. Hold them approximately your face, go to the mirror, and choose which shade matches your complexion much better. When you do this test, don’t put any makeup on it. If you have cozy undertones, the White color may look better on you. On the other hand, the off-white color may look better on cool undertones. If both colors suit you, you may have neutral undertones.
  • Vein test: Observe the vein on your hand. Then, try to notice whether it is green, blue, or blue-green. Warm undertones are indicated by green veins. Blue veins indicate cool undertones and in the case of blue-green veins, you have neutral undertones.
  • Jewelry test: To do this examination needs some gold jewelry and some silver jewelry. Try both jewelry and make a decision which jewelry looks amazing on you. If putting on gold jewelry suits you best, you have cozy undertones. If silver precious jewelry suits you best, you may have cool undertones. In case, both types of fashion jewelry suit your complexion, this indicates the neutral undertones.

Choose the best color of foundation.

In some cases, dark-skinned women have a tough time finding the best color foundation for dark skin or brown skin to do the perfect party makeup. Because most women are normally too toned. They also have a complex shade. The very best method to discover the ideal foundation is to apply various shades together to match your skin. 

  • If you require to hide dark circles of your eyes, you need to use a deep orange tone concealer. Apply it in a small amount, then set it with a small amount of transparent powder.
  • You may notice lighter skin towards the middle of your face and darker shade towards the outer sides. Firstly, utilize 2 different colors on the various sides of the face. Afterward, blend them where they meet. This will certainly assist you to get an extremely all-natural appearance with foundation.

Step 2: Trying Foundation

Trying Foundation for Dark Skin

Get started with a tidy and also moisturized face to get awesome party makeup for a dark complexion.

You must wash and dry your face before applying the foundation. In case of dry skin, apply moisturizer before placing the foundation for dark skin or brown skin. In oily skin, try to use face priming gel to make your face ready for applying the foundation.

Make sure to use a foundation brush.

A Foundation brush is a bigger makeup brush with a spherical edge. Using a foundation brush will put your foundation steadily and smoothly on your face. Remember to put the foundation just on the pointer of the brush to prevent over-saturating the brush. Make sure to wash the brush after every time of application to maintain it clean and hygienic.

Shake the foundation bottle.

Before every possible application, you require to shake the foundation container well. The colors inside the liquid foundation may slightly separate. It can produce an irregular tone if not mixed well before use.

Start applying foundation from the center of the face.

Start applying foundation from the center of the face. Then blend the foundation out and up. Keep applying till the entire face is covered and smoothly mixed.

  • If you are making use of 2 different shades of foundation, use the lighter tone first. After that, use the darker tone. Lastly, make use of the brush to mix them where they meet.

Polish your face and get awesome party makeup for dark skin.

Use a rubbing brush or sponge to mix foundation into your face. Delicately brush or sponge the face in a round motion to mix the foundation for softening the look.

  • Make sure to rub around your jawline and neckline. As a result, you do not have to wind up with a foundation line.

Step 3: Choosing Eye Shadows

Choosing Eye Shadows for Dark Skin

Be brave with intense colors when doing party makeup for black skin.

To do party makeup for dark skin women, use intense colors on their eyes. It will look quite excellent. The best intense shades for dark skin are intense jewel tones like purple, blue, or bright green.  Bright shades stand out in opposition to dark skin and offer you a significant look.

Mix complementing colors. 

Utilizing two supplementing colors on the eyes will create a fun, noticeable look. Try merging purple and gold. Use purple on the eyelid with layering gold on top, immediate to the eyebrow.

Attempt utilizing neutral shades to get subtle party makeup for dark complexion.

Using neutral eye shadows in tones of brown or naked can highlight your eyes. But, it will still look extremely natural. Blending various neutral colors can create an outstanding look to use every day.

  • Stay away from whites and light neutral shades. These light colors can create a completely dry or ashy appearance on darker skin.

Try metallics to have some fun.

Metallics and shimmering eye shadows look incredible on dark skin. Because, they are in contrast to rich, dark skin tones. Eye shadows with glimmer truly beam on darker skin. It is an ideal option to get awesome party makeup for black skin.

  • Eyeshadows of gold and bronze family truly complement the darker skin’s undertones quite possibly. However, just make use of shimmery metallic on the genuine actual eyelid.
  • Use flat or matte eyeshadow in the fold of your eye or straight under your brows.
  • Try making use of metallic gem-toned eye shadows to offer you a remarkable look.

Complete the look with mascara and eyeliner  

Eyeliner can create your eyes look bigger and develop a signature look. Black, and brown eyeliners, are significant to achieve a natural look. Also, tinted eyeliners are fun to make a much more significant appearance. Use mascara to extend and thicken eyelashes to finish your remarkable appearance. To enhance eyelashes, try black mascara to use every day.

– In case of lining your eyes with intense shades, try to use gel eyeliner. It might create a bolder outcome than a pencil but it will be much easier to use. It will also be less drying than fluid liners. If you need to hide the dark circles of your eyes, use concealer with a deep orange tone.

Step 4: Utilizing Blush

Utilizing Blush

Make use of bronzer as blush to get perfect party makeup for black skin.

A fantastic method of getting perfect party makeup for dark skin girls is to make use of bronzer as blush. Bronzer offers your cheeks a little added color and highlights your cheekbones.

  • Apply bronzer right under the cheekbones to develop sculpt on your face.

For a pop of color use bright blush.

Intense colors can look wonderful on dark skin if it matches the skin’s undertones. Vivid pinks and corals are excellent colors to try out.

  • Those who have a round face, use blush on cheekbones and expand it up to your face temples.
  • Ladies with heart-shaped faces, use blush under the apples of cheeks and draw it to your hairline.
  • A woman who has a long type of face uses the blush under the apples; however, don’t expand it to your hairline.

Combine the blush and bronzer.

Making use of blush and also bronzer can provide you a gorgeous and classy appearance. Use the matte blush to cheekbones and after that move bronzer over blush to complete it off. You may also add a bit more bronzer below your cheekbones to get a sculpting result.

Step 5: Using Lip Colors

Using Lip Colors for Dark Skin

Put on intense colors to get perfect party makeup for black skin.

Intense colors look extremely great when it comes to doing party makeup for dark skin girls. Oranges, reds, and deep purples are great options for your lips.

  • To look at the most effective, ensure the colors that match your skin’s undertones. In the case of yellow undertones, choose warm colors such as chocolate browns, orange. For pink undertones, try cool shades such as purples or colors that have a blue tone in them.

Try a neutral color near to your skin tone.

If you are intended to put on neutral colors, choose a shade that’s close to your all-natural skin tone. Nudes with bright colors such as tan, white or light browns might look less all-natural.

Complete with lip gloss to get a luscious party makeup for dark skin.

To get a tremendous look one should use lip gloss on top of lipstick. Lip gloss helps to keep your lips moisturized all day long or night.

  • You can use clear lip gloss or tinted gloss to boost the lipstick.
  • Try to use coconut oil as a natural lip gloss.


  • Use black mascara to highlight your eyelashes and also black or brownish eyeliner to boost your eyes.
  • Practice doing makeup at home with various colors to find out what looks ideal on you before wearing it out.
  • Applying lip primer can assist your lipstick last much longer and be applied smoother
  • Apply moisturizer before putting in makeup in case of dry skin. This will certainly help you to prepare your face for foundation.
  • Wear neutral shades as your daily makeup. On the other hand, use intense and deep colors to go out on party nights or unique occasions.


  • Too much makeup may sometimes look frustrating. So make ensure that you use the least quantity of makeup essential to accomplish the look you’re opting for. Get suggestions for dark skin makeup from professional makeup artist.
  • Follow the standards concerning throwing away old makeup. Makeup, with time, especially eye makeup, can bear microorganisms. It may offer you infections while using it. so it’s crucial to replace makeup items as required.
  • Many individuals are allergic to some components in makeup. So, test first by using a small quantity on your face. Also, make sure that you don’t have a bad reaction to it.
  • If you are under 18 girls, first speak to your parents about using makeup. After that, pay attention to their suggestions. You should consult how much and when it’s ideal to use it.

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