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There are numerous ways to do bridal makeup for a wedding celebration. From glamorous, and bold to simple, and natural; there are countless ways. However, among these, simple wedding makeup looks are trending now.

Firstly, this is these wedding makeups highlight your all-natural features. Secondly, it put less focus on the makeup and much more on you. Unless you are an expert makeup artist, there is a big chance you can overdo or underdo things. As a result, that can leave you looking unnatural or a little bit unfinished. That is why we have featured these wedding makeup ideas for your special event.

What is simple wedding makeup?

If you do not like heavy makeup for your wedding look then you can try a simple glamorous wedding look. Just only focus on your skin tone and eye color. Also, you can use just single-color shadows, black liner, and mascara to create a soft glamorous look. Then, you use some skin tone concealer or foundation for glowing skin and make a nude lip. If you have a strapless outfit, you can add a highlighter to your shoulders. Finally, you will prepare to walk down the aisle.

Touch Of Glamour

What are the different types of simple wedding makeup looks?

Choosing your bridal makeup is very tricky. Generally, bridal makeup depends on your location, season, theme, skin, dress, and regular makeover look. Also, you do not want to look unfamiliar when you walk down the aisle. So if you do not usually wear makeup, you can try something more natural. We have described some simple wedding looks that make you beautiful for your special day.

Glamorous bridal makeup looks

All the girls want a glamorous look while preparing for the wedding. If you want the glamorous wedding look you should focus on your skin, eyes, and lips. This makeup will be such that you will look beautiful and attractive. Here are few different glamour wedding looks you can try.

Soft glam with copper tone look

It is a very stunning look for every kind of bride. If your wedding day is in winter then this makeup will make you glamorous. For this wedding look, First of all, you need to use the copper shade of eye shadows. Then, shape your eyebrows naturally, apply thick coats of mascara. Also, you should use a shorter false lash that makes your eyes big. After that, use a copper eye panicle for the top lash line and blend it out.

Finally, use nude color glossy lipstick for ideal contrast to all those glitters. These will give you significant inspiration for your simple wedding makeup look. The copper shade on the eyes makes them pop and quite different from gold and bronze tones. Besides, brush a brow-pomade through eyebrows to make certain the hairs remain in place. Also, maintain their structure throughout the day.

Shiny Copper Simple Wedding Makeup Look

Minimal glamour look

If you want the minimal wedding look this is for you. A shimmering light pink shadow, rose pink lips, and soft natural skin tone. It makes your simple makeup look perfect for your wedding if natural is what you are going for. Minimal but sufficient, it is perfect for any kind of bride. Especially those who intend to relieve their way into using makeup for the wedding day and make a glamorous look.

Everyday Appeal

Classical Red lips for glamour look

Firstly, glowing natural skin paired with classic red lips is all you require to re-create this bridal makeup look. Secondly, natural eyes with simple eyeliner and mascara paired with strongly defined eyebrows. Use skin tone foundation and highlighter for shining. Then, points to the red lips being the main attention. Finally, it is one of the glamorous bridal looks for any kind of bride who just desires simple makeup.

Barely There Bold Simple Bridal Makeup Look

Soft smoky bridal makeup looks

Soft smoky eyes can be a great deal if you wish to wear something elegant for your natural bridal makeup. If you want a simple look but gorgeous then you should the soft smoky makeup. These wedding makeups know how to pull you to the rhythm of beauty with the best makeover.

Neutral smoky look

A neutral smoky look is perfect for every kind of bride. It is suitable for every eye color and skin tone. This can be a matching bridesmaid makeup too. For this makeup look, Start with a charcoal gray palette then create dark shades to the outer corner of your eyelids. Then use a highlighter on the eye side. After that, you can also use ashy or sultry plum shades to match your skin tones. Besides, this eye shadow look confirms that you may add dimension to the eyes without having a full-on smoky look. Then move on to the next important step: for the natural glowing skin, you will use glossy light pink lipstick. This will certainly lead to an extra innovative yet simple wedding makeup look that is not messy.

Soft Smoky Natural Wedding Makeup look

Ocean blue hue with romantic look

This smoky eye look adds something different by bringing the ocean blue hue on the under rims of the eyes. Including one pop of shade can completely change the tone of the eye shadow look. Also, create a messy bun in your hair and use light copper tone blush on. Always wear long eyelashes that make your eye bigger. If you want to highlight your eye corner then you can use a blue color liner to enhance your lid. Moreover, it is the perfect instance of color that should be added to your simple wedding makeup look. Finally, nude lips complement the ocean blue eye shadow looks fabulous.

Ocean Blue Hue

Subtle turquoise blue look

Matte eye shadows can be found in a myriad of shades. But, this turquoise blue shade captures our eyes instantly. It looks so gorgeous paired with light silver shadow on lids giving a nice texture and dimension. When collaborating with matte eye shadow textures, it is very important to apply eye shadow prime first. Also, this is to make sure shadow remains in place and mingles smoothly on the lids. Besides, enlightened beauty bones and shoulders create this beauty’s bridal ensemble gleaming. Finally, for more stunning results, pair this glamorous bridal makeup with messy bun hair and wear a creative floral crown.

Subtle turquoise blue

Golden hour bridal look

Touches of the golden-bronze shades on the eyes and cheeks, this would certainly be beautiful for a seaside destination wedding. This simple bridal makeup looks especially to grow in the sunshine. So, the smooth transition of the eye shadow from golden bronze to black is very simple yet incredibly stunning. While darker areas of these eyes are moody and tempting, the pops of golden bronze catch the light beautifully. Also, use some copper tone blush to make your check gorgeous. Lastly, the fresh redwood lip tone brings the ideal aspect to this makeup look.

Shiny and Shimmering Simple Wedding Makeup Look

Dramatic bridal look

If you want a dramatic shiny look then you can choose this bridal look. First of all, you need to focus on your eye and lip. Then create rose-gold smoky eyes, sealed with a glance of glitter in the corner of the lids. Also, you should use thick lashes and black liners to bigger your eyes. After that, use a pencil liner to make your eyes pop. If there is going to be drama at your wedding, make sure to keep it on your eyes and lips. So, matching shadows with your lips you will use nude color lipstick.

Drama On The Eyes

Monochromatic bridal makeup looks

Monochromatic is a perfect romantic look for brides. Generally, it is a daytime destination wedding look. Also, it is the art of combining the shades on your eye, lips, and dress. If you have a glowing skin tone then you should apply it. So, here are different monochromatic wedding looks.

Monochromatic pink makeup

Pretty pink make your day romantic, if you prefer monochromatic pink then you need to match it all over. First of all, you need to sharpen your eyebrows then apply light pink shadow and light liner. Also, you should use eyelashes and mascara but focus on your eye corner then uses a silver color highlighter. Finally, use glossy light pink lipstick and light pink blush. Think about monochromatic pink for this simple bridal makeup look. Also, you can notice traces of happy hues on the eyes, cheeks, and lips. The eye makeup is wonderfully blended while the lips are glossy and the cheeks radiantly glowing.

Monochromatic Pink Natural Bridal Makeup Look

The peachiest radiance look

Normally, tanned skin and shinning peach hues look beautiful on your wedding day. Besides, this bridal makeup look can be everything for your wedding. A soft, monochromatic peachy palette paired with peach-hued lips. Also, make a curled bun and wear a flower crown. So, this can be a great deal to say “I do” in outdoor ceremonies. Besides, soft smoky eyes with strong brows definitely compliment this simple bridal makeup look to rock down the aisle.

The Peachiest Radiance

Is it possible to do bridal makeup with just lashes?

Yes, it is possible. If you want to focus only on your eye and use nude color lipstick, this elegant look is for you. If you do not use regular makeup then this makeup enhances your beauty. Long lashes never ever ruined anybody’s day. A really simple bridal makeup look paired with extensive lashes checks all the packages for a great look. The thick lashes bigger your eyes. In particular, you should use an eyelash curler that makes your eyelash curl.

As a result, your eye looks very charming. It also changes your eye shape. Besides, you can improve your natural beauty without the use of other makeup. Only wear eyelashes and just use black liner to make your simple bridal look. Also, if you have glowing soft tone skins then do not need any kind of foundation or concealer. Finally, you will only use lip gloss or nude color lipsticks if you have naturally pink lips.

Moreover, eyelashes increase your natural appearance and glam up your face. Also, the lashes not only widen your eyes but also improve your post-wedding look.

Simple Wedding Makeup with Just Lashes

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