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It is important to go on vacation to free yourself from a busy life. But you can try some adventure tasks to make that vacation more exciting.  Adventure vacations make your trip memorable and you can be free from your distress. Besides, these exciting activities always make fun and incredible experience.  This experience, you can not forget at your end of life.

You can do some thrilling activities like horse riding; climbing on the mountain and rafting in the ocean. Also, these activities make for a breathtaking experience. So if you want to make your vacation exciting then you should try adventure tasks that increase your bravery. Do some amazing trips of a lifetime if you want peace. But if you like exhilarating then you should do some adventure.

In this article, we are arranging some exciting ideas for adventure vacations that make your trip more fun.

Where should you go for adventure vacation?

Every traveler wants to do some new things that they do not try in their previous time. So, every vacation you need to try some new experience. Test some food, do some adventure tasks that you have never done in your prior time.

However, travel is always fun, but it is more marvelous when you do some surprising and adventure activities. For your outdoor adventure vacations, you can go to Oman or East Arabia for adventure mountain climbing. Besides, if you see a volcano then you can go to Hawaii. Also, if you like to ski on the sand then you must go surf in the Sahara desert.

Or if you like paragliding then can go to Turkey to sea natural creatures. Some people like to do adventures underwater. If you have any interest in underwater then you should go to Australia or South Africa. This time you can see the exotic marine life.

So, enjoy your vacation with do some fun outdoor activities that make your tour outstanding.

15 adventure vacations idea that make the journey exciting

Adventure vacations always make incredible memory. If you want to burn your energy then you should do some thrilling work. When you spend your vacation, you always want to do some worth able work that makes your journey exciting. Adventure task always depends on your mind, health, and your physical ability. So, whether you are diving with the wild shark or doing bungee jumping on the hundred meters high. It always depends on your health and how much pressure you can tolerate.

For your thrilling journey, we have arranged some awesome adventure vacations idea that you can try for your next holiday. 

1. Mountain climbing

Mountain climbing for adventure vacations

Mountain climbing is a super thrilling experience for every adventurous. If you like the activity you should try it at least once in your lifetime. Mountain climbing is thrilling but amazing. Doing this activity, you need rope and you will climb where you will be able to see the rock hole. Mountain is so high; it is very challenging work for every climber.  You can wear special shoes that will make for safety purposes. Finally, when you will climb the mountain, you should check the rope which you have tied around your waist.

For this thrilling activity, you can go to Oman to climb the hill.  If it is your hobby you can try to climb the world’s highest mountain ‘Everest’. It takes adventure to new heights quite literally.

2. Cave exploring

Cave exploring is a thrilling experience trip of a lifetime for any adventure. Every year many students and teachers will go to cave camping and do camping activities. Also, this is a very horrible task for doing the activity. Many times it is risky for visitors to enter the cave. However, when you explore a cave you need to touch light and wear a special dress before entering the cave. After entering the cave you should prepare in your mind that you can see unexpected things. That you do not see before. So, if you are so brave and also prove your bravery then you should try this activity. For your caving adventure, you can go to the Nica Mine cave in Mexico or Son Doong cave in Vietnam.   

3. Giant canyon swing

It is an awesome feeling if you like to jump from the high. For this high jumping, you can choose a giant canyon swing. It is the most popular thrilling experience and also a unique idea for adventure lovers. For this adventure activity, you can go to Queenstown in Newlands.

It is the world’s biggest cliff where you can jump off 109 meters high cliff. Here you can jump solo, with someone mix and match. For safety purposes, this instructor will tell you about safety precautionary.  After leaping off the platform you’ll fall 60 meters. You will think you touch the rock cliff because it will rush past so close. That is an insane activity.

4. Volcano boarding

Go to volcano boarding for adventure vacations

If you like to see the volcano then you should go to Nicaragua. Nicaragua is the biggest area for volcano boarding.  Volcano boarding is quite dangerous including falling and getting by the volcanic ash. It is an extreme adventure trip when you slide on the high ashy volcano hill. At this time you need to wear goggles, a jumpsuit and bring protective gear to avoid the poisonous gasses. Besides, you can see the melting lava if the weather is horrible.  

5. Horse riding

Horse riding

Horse riding is an amazing adventure activity. It is an adventure but you need to have some experience to do that. For this trail riding, you can try the quarter horse, Appaloosa, or Tennessee walking horse. That’s your choice. Also, horse riding is always exciting. It doesn’t easy, because, the horses run so fast that the beginner cannot take it anymore. So, when you do this adventure you should train up yourself or take your trainer to do the work.

6. Zip-lining

Try zipping line over the fall for adventure vacations

If you like to try a zip-lining ride then you can go to the world-famous area Niagara Falls in Canada. It is one of the most enjoyable adventure vacations for adventure lovers. When you cross the fall with zipping, you can see the falling nature and enjoy the riding.  It is easy but has some risk for doing the zip lining activity. You need to control the zip line. If you have stuck that time, it will risky for your life.  The falls are so high like it is 2200 feet long and hang 220 feet high above the high. So you need some brave and follow the instruction. This zip ling riders hit speed 70 km an hour. Finally, you need to wear a hand glove to control the zip line.

7. Surfing


If you like to do crazy things in the ocean, you can try surfing. Surfing is a most favorite adventurous activity in the world. If you stay in the ocean then you should do the surfing. Surfing is easy if you know the technique. When you try surfing, you need a surfboard and need some previous knowledge about to do it.  When you surf in the crazy ocean you need to surf fast because the wave is moving so fast.  If you take this enormous challenge, you need more practice to do that. So, you should go to the Pacific Islands to do this marvelous adventure activity.

8. Rafting: h4


River rafting is the most adventure activity among people. In the summertime, you can go with your gang to do the exciting rafting. You can choose the river or cannel for doing this fun. This adventure makes a perfect day out for thrilling seekers especially those who love to do water sports. Falling on the raft and driving on the rafting board both are so scary tasks. So, you need to wear a life jacket for your safety purpose. You should try one time in your life. Finally, you can see the lush- greenery; stunning waterfall and the roaring river strive for a thrilling rafting experience.  

9. Scuba diving

Scuba diving

Scuba diving is a real adventure trip of a lifetime. If you like to see underwater wildlife you should do this diving. You can see the giant shark, schooling eagles’ rays, emperor angelfish, and big eye trevally. This is a thrilling activity when you see the sharks.  For this diving, you need to know the technique of scuba and wear a swimming suit. Also, take the oxygen mask and special goggles. However, you can choose the Maldives or Mexico to do the best scuba diving.   

10. Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping is a quite exciting activity in the world.  If you are so brave then you can try the adventure. For this exciting task, you can go to Soweto tower in South Africa. This biggest tower offers a 100-meter bungee jump from a suspension bridge. It is a seriously horrible situation when you jump on this higher. When you reach the top of the tower you will think that time, that Can you jump or not. If it is your first-time bungee jumping, just feel relaxing and close your eyes and take the leap. Of course, follow your instructor’s rule and check your bungee cord attachment with your body

11. Paragliding


Paragliding is one of the most amazing outdoor adventure vacations in your lifetime. If you only yourself want to float in the sky then you can try this adventure task. It is easy and quite different from base jumping, wings suit flying, and skydiving. When they open their parachute, it will look like parachute wings. But they are closer. However, it is easy if you maintain the rules of paragliding. When you start the paragliding, the pilot only takes off when the generating lifts. Also, you can control the paragliding. If you can pull the left break it turns left. So, if you like to do it then, go to your near beachside and do some outstanding beach activities.

12. Sky diving

Adventure sky diving

If you like to fly in the sky, you should try sky diving. It is a perfectly flying aircraft and you also feel like a bird flying in open the sky. It is one of the best adventure sports in the world. For this adventure, you can go to the perfect capital of the world Queenstown in New Zealand. Here you can jump 1500ft meters that make your feel nervous. However, for this diving, you should follow your instructor’s rules. Wear the sky diving special dress and when the airplane reaches the top then you will jump. This experience will give you an amazing freefall. Also, it will give you spectacular views for a good 60 seconds at the speed of 200 Km\hr. For safety concerns, you should wear a helmet if you want to avoid the wind.

13. Hot air balloon ride

Hot air balloon ride for adventure vacations

The hot air balloon ride is one of the best adventure vacations if you like to dive into the sky. There are awesome aerial outdoor adventure trips in your life. It is easy, nice and fun. Also, you do not have to jump on the hot air balloon ride. Also, you can swiftly take off from the land. For this activity, you need a pass for hot air ballooning and always maintain your pilot instruction. The important thing is that hot air balloon quietly depends on the weather. If the weather is on your side then you can take off otherwise it will cancel.

14. Snowboarding


In wintertime, snowboarding is one of the best outdoor winter activities for all types of people. So, if you know the technique about how to ski your board on the snow then you can try it. For this snowboarding, you need comfortable ski gear and should know how to use it. Start with standing on flat ground and getting around the snow resort. When you start in your snow stance position you should keep yourself pretty relaxed.  Nothing too aggressive and just feeling calm and start snowboarding. This is a nice experience when you jump on the snow.   

15. Ski in the desert

If you like to ski in the warm desert then you should go to the Sahara Desert or Peru. This is a fabulous place to sand ski. A crazy thing is these are the great sea of sand. So you can see the sand and ski on the sand.  For this sand ski, firstly, you need to wax your skiboard because it is sand, it is not snow. This helps ski because it will make your board slippy. Also, you have to wear ski goggles for desert wind; you can feel sand in your eyes. Finally, start the sand ski, climb up to the top of the desert dune then jump on your dune position. 

However, when you will start the sand ski, the point on your nose the downhill, and bend your back knee. This is adventurous because of the sand wind. Or sometimes if you do not control your board this makes a dangerous incident.

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