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Teens always like to do fun and creative work in their vacation or leisure time. In the present age, teens have become dependent on electronic gadgets. As result, they do not feel the fresh air, group games, and nature watching.  So, if you have a teen child then, you can inspire outdoor activities for teens to get rid of this condition.

Also, teens should join outdoor activities for creativity and increase knowledge. For refreshing and challenging activities they should perform these. In this article, we have arranged some fun outdoor activities for teens that can make a cheerful day.

What are some fun outdoor activities for teens?

When children start growing up, they try to be self-reliant. So, encourage them to do some group work or some creative work during this time. In teenage time, teens always want to do some grouping work or some fun games and also creative tasks. During this time they wander into their fantasy world and try to make the works of the imagination a reality.

Moreover, every family member should motivate their older kids to do some fun outdoor family activities and improve their learning power. For teen outdoor recreation, below are some fun ideas that you can try during your holiday time.

Fun outdoor activities for teens

Teen always love to do outdoor activities. They are always busy doing their study but recreation is an important part for every teen. If you are a teen then you can try some fun things in your vacation time. So, try mini camping with your best friends. Besides, join a school picnic or cycle with your siblings. Also, you can visit your hometown to meet your grandpa. You can make a flower garden with your grandpa and learn how to plant trees.

However, you should not spoil your vacation time using phone games or gadgets. Spend doing some fun activities for teens like nature watching and learn some energetic tasks that you want to do.  

Here are some fun outdoor activities for teens that you can try in your leisure time.

1. Do a mini camping trip

Do a mini camping trip

If you like camping activities then you should pick your backpack and join your group. Mini camping means spending some time outdoors to live in a tent. For a day or nighttime trip, you can choose this fun activity. So, at this time you can choose a hill or jungle, watch the beautiful nature and enjoy the wildlife. Camping trip always makes fun memories and teach you how to survive your life.

2. Go for bike riding

Bike riding is a popular recreation activity for every person. Especially teens, when they get some free time, they join a group bike riding. Also, they enjoy this exciting moment. So, if you have a two-wheeled bicycle then, do not sit idle, take it and get on the road. For cycling, you can choose a local park, mountain and on the road. When you will cycle on the road you should wear helmet and biking gloves. This equipment will protect you from an unexpected accident.

3. Hike with your pets

In your spare time, you can go for a walk with your pet. In this time you and your cute dog will enjoy nature. Also, you can hike in the jungle and do some exercise with your pets.

4. Make a flower garden

If you like flowers then you can make a flower garden and cultivate them. It is a very fun and enjoyable moment. You can decorate your favorite flowers in the open yard in front of the house or on the roof. It’s a passion and you can ornament your area by planting trees. Moreover, this time you can learn many ideas like discovering plants, horticulture, use of water and soil, etc.

5. Read a book outside

Reading a book on the outside is very popular among teens. So, if you feel alone then visit a park with your favorite writer’s book or character series. Also, it is beneficial for teens because natural light strengthens your eyesight and relieves your loneliness.

6. Do a group picnic

A picnic is one of the most fun outdoor activities for teens. It will be very easy to make a picnic plan if you are a teen. If you love to see green then you can go to quiet green spaces like national parks or the seaside. Also, you can make a get to gather plan to join a picnic.

7. Visit historical sites

Every teen should know about history. So, when you get a holiday you should visit the historic site. This place and people help you to know about the shape of present society. Besides, visiting historical places, teens can make their inventory, documents, and exploration. Teens should participate to increase their knowledge.

8. Visit a neighboring city

Visiting a neighboring city is a wonderful idea for teens. It is very fun when you meet your near city people and eat some delicious food. Meet with new people and enjoy the road site scenery that will make your refreshing mind. Besides, you can try this new area food that will make so delicious.

9. Go to local amusement park

Go to local amusement park

A local amusement park is a perfect place to hang out. Teenagers always like to hang out and walk-in groups. So, in your holiday time, you can go to a local amusement park to enjoy yourself. You can try some exciting rides. Such as roller coaster, ferries wheels, balloon race, wipeout, bumper car, and carousel, etc. Most important thing is that when you go to the park you should wear a soft and comfortable dress. You can wear leggings or joggers with T-shirts, soft shoes, and a hat. Do not forget to bring a camera, water, sunscreen, and snacks.

10. Go for fishing

Fishing is the most popular activity among teens. In holiday time, teens will go to the near ponds or beaches with fishing rods and reels. Teens are always exciting to catch fish. Besides, in the evening time, they arrange a BBQ fish party with their friend.

11. Do some skateboarding

Outdoor skateboarding activities for teens

It is a very enjoyable and exciting activity among teens. They love to do skateboarding. People cheer when you do awesome stunts. So it is funny and energetic activity. Besides, every teen wants to learn every technique for performing skating on the road or park.

12. Swim in the pool

Swimming in the pool is a good exercise for teens. In the summer, you can go to the near local pool for swimming some time and feel refreshed. If you do not know how to swim then you can learn it in your holiday time. It increases your confidence and improves your athlete’s power. Furthermore, swimming can increase your body’s flexibility. So, you can try this fun activity.

13. Watch the sun rise

If you love to watch the sunrise, then you should get up in the early morning. It is awesome and has outstanding scenery. Also, it brings a new message to your teenage life. If you stay near the beachside then you should not miss that beautiful scenery.

14. Walk on the beach

A walk on the beach is a great idea for spending your vacation at the beach. If you are a teen then you can walk on the wet beach. Also, you can do some fun games with your friends. At this time you can see the sunset and enjoy the wave of the sea. Also, you can do some yoga to get rid of laziness.

15. Visit a water park

In the summertime, teens can go to Water Park for their enjoyment. On the scorching heat day, they wear their shorts and sleeveless T-shirt to do some fun things with water.

16. Participate in Halloween Party

The autumn season is the most popular time for teens. At this time you can join Halloween Party and wear a zombie fear costume. Also, you can join eating food contests, apple race contests, or carving pumpkins. 

Energetic outside games for teens

Teenagers like to play a lot. They have an interest in going to play in the open field in the afternoon. They play in teams, like football, frisbee, baseball, tug of war, etc. These fun games make a lot of fun. Teens learn rules in every game to increase their skill and physical challenge.

Below we have gathered energetic outside games for teens that every teen can enjoy. 

17. Play football

Teens like to play football. Football is a group outside game for teens. Teens can participate in different football competitions. Besides, in the afternoon, go outside and play football with your friends or neighbor. By playing football, you can learn different types of rules. Such as, if you drop a player, you will be out of the game for a while.

18. Play Red light green light

The red light green light game is a very fun game among teens. How to play this game? You should know some rules about this game. Firstly, you should understand the light sign. Red light means stop, green light means to move as you can, yellow means move in slow. Secondly, this game has a start line and an end line. When the green light will on, you should move fast to reach your destination. Thirdly, if the red light is on and you will move then you will disqualify the games. This is a most favorite classical game for teens.  

19. Play Frisbee

Play Frisbee

Frisbee is a super popular game for teens. It is a gripping game and also you should play this game outdoor. In your yard or playground, you can play Frisbee with your friends. Firstly, to play this game you need a Frisbee disc. Secondly, you should read the field where you play. Thirdly, you will take a position and throw the disc in front of your opposite person. Finally, you should learn the griping technique that can help you to grip the disc and win the game.

20. Play Freeze tag

Most teens like to do freeze tag games. At camping or picnic time you and your friend can play this game. It is so easy and does not need any equipment. To play this game, there have to be two teams and one person is freeze tagger. When starting the game if the freeze tagger touches the other person and say freeze, they do not move. But if a member of their team touches the frozen person and says unfreeze; they will be able to run again.

21. Play baseball

The full energetic game is baseball for teens. This is a group game and teens like to play on the baseball field. Playing this game there has some rules and regulations. Also, this game lasts for nine innings. Besides, you will do strikes the ball, tagging up, force out and pinch-runner in the game. For this game, you need a bat, ball, gloves, and cleats.   

22. Play red rover game

Teens love to play red rover games. Divide into two teams to play Red Rover. Then the participants in each group hold each other’s hands tightly. Also, one team says, “Red Rover, Red Rover, send (name) on over”. The chosen player moves on the other team and want to break the clasped hand of two people.  If you break the clasped hands, you can take one of those teams and add them to the broken team. But if you can’t, you will have to give up this team. This is so funny for breaking hand clasped.

23. Play tug of war game

Play tug of war game

This is the best outdoor game for teens. They can play the game in their summer camp or beach moments. Through this game, you can realize your strength. So, play the game you need a rope and two teams. Two teams will pull the rope from both sides. The team that can pull the other team to its side will be the winner

24. Play blind man’s bluff

Playing blind man’s bluff is a fun game that teenagers play in their spare time. Firstly, you fold your eye and you perform like a blind man.  Secondly, in this time you find the other player and identify. Thirdly, if you can catch a player then you tell his name pass the blind term on him. This is a classical game. Every teen loves to play this game outdoor.

Nighttime outdoor activities for teens

Teenagers are thoroughly growing now. Some parents should inspire them to join some nighttime outdoor activities for teens. Teens like to spend time with their friends and they want to do some fun and enjoyable work. At this time you should permit them to go Movie Theater, bonfire, or night concert.

Below are some fantastic ideas for nighttime fun outdoor activities for teens that can make a cheerful night.

25. Go to a Movie Theater

Movie night outdoor activities for teens

Teens like to watch movies. So in the evening, you can go to see an adventure movie with your teenage child. You can also ask them to go to the theater with their friends to see a movie.

26. Make a bonfire

Teenagers can go to the high mountains or forests to celebrate their vacation. For nighttime enjoyment, you can make a bonfire. Also, at this time, you can grille BBQ chicken and marshmallows to enjoy the night. Besides, you can play truth and dear games or sing a classic song.

27. Look at the stars

If your teenage child has a significant mental then you should inspire them to see the star or galaxy. Stargazing is one of the best winter outdoor activities because at that time the sky is fully clear. So, go to a high area like a hill or roof to see the fuller moon or star. You can inspire your teens to see the sky in the nighttime and do not forget to carry a telescope.

28. Catch fireflies

On a winter night, teens like to catch fireflies. In the camping time, they collect some bugs and fireflies to enjoy this natural lighting. It is one kind of passion to collect this insect.

29. Join a night concert

Night concert outdoor activities for teens

If you think your son or daughter is mature enough, then you can permit them to join the night concert. Also, it is a very common thing for teens to join their favorite singer concert with their friends. Just tell them some common sense rules and emphasize them to stay together.

30. Visit a local carnival

Visit a local carnival is a most common fun activity among teens. On an autumn night, teens go to the festivals with their parents. So, they enjoy the puppet show and ice cream. Besides, at night time these carnival areas decorate with colorful light. Also, you can see the magic show at that time. Bring a camera to capture your every teen moment.

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