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Spending time together with family members makes a strong relationship and creates value more closely. So, you can plan fun outdoor family activities that family members of all ages can enjoy all seasons. When you spend time with your family outdoor, you can teach your kids about nature and different types of games. As a result, they do not feel alone and make a perfect bonding with you.

For these outdoor family activities, camping is the most popular idea. Also, you can choose hiking with your children, beach bathing with your beloved, and catching fish with your grandpa. If you want to spend some time with your family outdoor then you can try these list ideas.

50 most fun outdoor family activities for all seasons

When you get some time, make a plan for your family. Also, you can decide on some simple activities together with your family. Such as, go to an ice cream shop, visit in the zoo, or arranging an outdoor picnic. Plan some fun memories and capture them in your photo album to relive the moment. Besides, enjoy every season with your family and make some memorable moments in every season.

For your convenience, we have provided some wonderful fun outdoor family activities that can make it enjoyable in all seasons.

Summer outdoor activities with family

Life is always busy but through this busy time, it should essential to carve out time for family. And what better to do so than during summer. Summertime is a suitable time for outdoor activities.  Although it is so hot and warmer weather, you can enjoy countryside trips, swimming, hiking, and other activities. Also, you can make a sunshine camping idea with your kids.

Here are some fun outdoor family activities you can try out in the summertime and make a joyful day.

1. Make an exciting family camping

If you want to spend some quality time with your family then camping is one of the best fun outdoor family activities. Camping in the summer season, you can enjoy hiking, playing games, and arranging a nighttime barbecuing party. A family outdoor camping is a superb opportunity to get everyone engaged and makes some memorable memories. 

fun outdoor family camping activities

2. Take a road trip in the countryside together

Taking a loge dive in the countryside with family is a wonderful experience for all. In this summertime, kids get a long vacation. So, you can make a plan for a road trip to the countryside area for fun outdoor family activities. Also, this outdoor activity makes refreshments and recalls your childhood time.

3. Go to a traditional museum

Do you have any interest in the museum? Then you can plan it for your next outdoor family vacation. Firstly, the museum is a wide range of traditional themes. Secondly, when you visit the museum, your kids learn about the tradition and culture. Also, in this time you can capture your family’s interest and make a sense of history.

4. Visit animal zoo

If your kids love to see animals then you can go to the zoo with your kids. Visit the zoo to make your kids love sense of animals.

5. Visit a local farmers market

If you and your family want to eat some fresh vegetables then you can visit a local visit farmer’s market. Few family members enjoy going to the local markets to buy fresh fruit and veggies.

6. Pick fruit with family

Summer will offer different types of fruit in your garden or farm area. In your summer holiday time, you can go outdoor for fruit picking with your kids. Also, kids always love to pick and eat fruit. When you plan to pick fruit, you should take a ladder. This will help you and your kids to pick fruit.

7. Swim with your kids

Swimming is the best exercise in the summertime. If your children are not able to do swim, you can teach them during summer vacation. Also, you can go local pool or lake for swimming. If there have no space or too much crowded then you can visit Water Park for amusement. In these parks, you can enjoy splash pads and water diving for a good experience.

8. Paddle a canoe

If you want to spend some time out on the water then you should try paddle canoe. Every local park offers canoe rental in the summertime. So, you can easily spend a little time with your family on the water.

Paddle a canoe

9. Play water gun game

Play with the water gun is the most popular game for everyone. If you want to make a funny moment then you can arrange this game. For doing this game, every member must have a water gun. Then, try to fight and this time your goal is to get the other team.

Play water gun game

10. Take an amusing bike riding

Bike riding is a fantastic idea for family recreation. Also, it helps you to spend quality time with your kids. It is an easy and free activity if you have a bike or cycle.

Outdoor family activities on rainy days

If your family is feeling bored about the rainy day then you can plan some fun outdoor family activities. Going on a boat trip, making a garden, watching a colorful rainbow is the best idea for enjoying the rainy day.  However, a rainy day is not boring if you can enjoy the time with your kids and lovers.

11. Visit the underwater aquarium

If the sky is cloudy, then you can visit the underwater aquarium to see the giant shark, turtles, and jellyfish. Besides, in this time you and your family enjoy the wonderful marine creation swim above you.

Visit the underwater aquarium for fun outdoor family activities

12. Go on a boating trip

If the weather is normal, then you can go on a boat trip with your family. For this trip, rent a boat to enjoy the beautiful water nature with your kids. Also, you and your kids can catch a lot of fish on the boat trip. Take a life jacket if you will make an adventurous boat journey.  

13. Go on the mushroom hunt

The rainy season is a perfect time for collecting mushrooms. At this time, you can visit the forest to collect mushrooms. Also, you can enjoy the mushroom soup in the evening time with your family.

Go on the mushroom hunt for fun outdoor family activities

14. Go for nature watching

Put on your rain boots and rain jacket, and then you can prepare to go for nature watching. At this time you and your family have a nice experience to feel the small of nature and wet mud.

Go for nature watching and do fun outdoor family activities

15. Watching the colorful rainbow

Go hiking when the rainstorm is over because it is the perfect time to watch the rainbow. Also, you can inspire kids to love science to watch this natural beauty.

16. Sing and dance in the rain

Go to the rainy bath with your kids and feel the awesome falling drop rain. Besides, at this time you can sing and dance with your neighbors and try to puddle jump in the water.

17. Plant some seeds in the garden

This time you can plant seeds and make a nice garden with your kids. At this time, you do not need extra care for plants because rain can do it for you.

Plant some seeds in the garden are fun outdoor family activities

18. Play football in the mud

It is the perfect time to play football on the mud field. Invite your neighbor and make a football team with your all-age family member.

Autumn outdoor activities

If you are looking for fun outdoor family activities in the fall, then you can try this idea. At this time, the weather is not so hot or cold. However, you can easily enjoy nature and doing fun with your family.

19. Visit in the deep forest

If you enjoy the forest then you can go to the deep forest with your family. At this time the forest covered with yellow, green, and red leaves, this looks like a carpet. Take some awesome photos to capture the memories.

Visit in the deep forest for fun outdoor family activities

20. Watch autumn sunset

If you eagerly want to watch the autumn sunset with your kids then you should get up early. Go to the spot 10 minutes before sunset because it will disappear quickly.

Watch autumn sunset

21. See the full moon

You can see the full moon on an autumn night. So, go to the rooftop and see the full moon. Also, you can count the star with your youngest kids.

22. Jump into a pile leaves

Simply thing can make more fun, like jumping into a dry pile of an autumn leaf. Go to a local park or back garden to trail the pile jump on the dry leaves with caution.

23. Fly kite with together

Fly kite is a childhood memory for every kid. Autumn is the perfect season for the fly kite. This time, the wind blows slowly and you can host for kite and whirl. Encourage kids to play this game. 

Fly kite with together

24. Go pumpkin picking and carving

Go on a pumpkin land with your grandkids. The autumn season is the perfect time for growing pumpkins. Also, collecting some pumpkins and carving them to create some beautiful creations.

Go pumpkin picking and carving

25. Go to harvest festivals

Celebrate the festivals of homegrown fruits and vegetables. Go to the collecting food in near harvest land. At this time you can get a pumpkin, rip palm, grapefruit, and beetroot, etc. Moreover, you can spend quality time with your family at the festivals.

26. Visit a fall festival

Many countries arrange fall festivals to enjoy the harvest season. Also, at the festivals, your family can enjoy parachute diving, watch pumpkin shows, and eat some delicious food.

Winter outdoor activities

If you want to make fun outdoor family activities in the winter season then you can plan some crazy ideas. Also, these ideas can help you to enjoy your holiday and you can see the beautiful snowy scenes.

Moreover, if your family has bored in winter, then you can try these ideas to make the outdoor family fun.

27. Ice skating

Ice skating is an awesome recreational activity for winter family activities. You and your loves can skate on the frozen lake or any outdoor rink. Besides, if your kids are not able to skate then you can teach them at this time.

Ice skating

28. Build a snowman

If your little kids love to build a snowman with snow then you should help your kids. It is the best creation for the child. Also, you can imagine how creative your child is to build the snowman.

29. Try snow sledding

Find a snow cover hill and sled down on the hill with your kids. Kids also like to do snow tube, saucer, or toboggan on the hill. At this time, little ones do want to sled with their parents. Do not forget to take hot chocolate to survive the hill.

Try snow sledding

30. Build an igloo

On the first huge snowstorm, you can build an igloo house with your kids. Help your kids to build this fort. In this time, you will feel your childhood memories.

31. Try ice fishing

If you live in an area where you can do ice fishing then you can share it with your kids. It is so funny moment when you catch a massive fish on tiny poles.

Try ice fishing

32. Go on a snowy hike

If your whole family wants to feel the fresh snow then you can take a hike on a snowy hill. Just wear your snowshoe and take an adventure hike on the hill.

33. Play hockey

Just wear your skating shoe and make a hockey tournament with your family, and neighbor. It is a funny and enjoyable game with lots of energy for all ages.

34. Have a blazing beach day

If you want to enjoy the sunshine winter days then your whole family can spend some time on the beach. Beach in the wintertime is warmer. So, pick your mini baskets with some food and enjoy the blazing beach time.

35. Make a winter bonfire party

If your adult kids want to enjoy the bonfire then you should help them to do this. At this time, you can spend some time with your kids and tell them about your childhood memories.

Make a winter bonfire party for fun outdoor family activities

36. Have an outdoor dinner party

Arrange an outdoor dinner with some mouthwatering food. Make a bonfire and grilled honey shrimp and salmon fish to enjoy the winter season.

37. Snow day photoshoot

Creative family photos make some wonderful memories in the winter season. Take a shoot when your kids make a fight with snow and stay with a snowman.  

38. Ride on a horse-drawn carriage

A horse ride is one of the best fun outdoor family activities in winter. Many farms and festivals offer you to take a riding on the horse carriage. Also, kids will love to enjoy the horse ride and attend the festivals. 

Ride on a horse-drawn carriage

39. Visit maple syrup farm

Visit a maple syrup farm to enjoy the maple taffy on the snow. Besides, you can visit the winter festivals to drink some maple syrup and pancake with the entire family

40. Watching bird

Your whole family can enjoy watching the migratory birds in the winter season. From nesting bald eagles to Canadian geese that make your backyard, park home for the winter.

41. Celebrate the sunset

Enjoy the end of the year with kids to watch the sunset. It is a nice moment with your friends and family to say goodbye to the year to watch the sunset. Take some photos and share your social media and make a caption to the goal about next year.

Spring outdoor activities

Springs come with a lot of fun and blooming nature. After a long winter season with bitterly cold temperatures, we can get some sunshine in nature in the spring season. For fun outdoor family activities, we have made a list to enjoy the springtime with your family.

42. Enjoy the cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms are symbolic of the spring season. Kids enjoy the blossoms flower and pick some flowers to make a bouquet. You can gather your family, friends to have fun in the springtime and enjoy delicious food and drink.

Enjoy the cherry blossoms

43. Take a weekend road trip

Spring is a great time to go outside and take a long-drive road trip. In this time, your family member can enjoy the sightseeing and enjoy a lot of food to visit many cities.

44. Enjoy a family safari

If you live near have a desert then you can enjoy a safari night with your family. Besides, you can enjoy the sand ski with barbeque grille food.

45. Stargaze with a telescope

If you can see the planet with your kid then you can use the telescope. The spring sky is always clear that is the perfect time to gaze at the star.

Stargaze with a telescope

46. Picking strawberry

Picking strawberries is a traditional family activity in spring. Springtime, lots of strawberries grow and kids love to pick the juicy strawberry with their parents. It is lots of fun family time to pick and eat strawberries with your kids and spouse.

47. Picking flower

Spring is the perfect time for gardening and picking a flower. In the season a lot of flowers blossom in your garden. Involve the kids to pick some blooming flowers like tulips and daffodil and pansies.

Picking flower

48. Play Frisbee

In the springtime, the wind blows slowly. So, at this time, you can play the Frisbee game with your family. You can invite your neighbor and make it to the team to do this game. The goal of the game is to catch the disc while the other team throws the disc.

49. Go on a sailboard

Going on a sailboard is a fun activity for springtime. At this time the weather is not so warm for beach time. With your family take out a big boat and spend some time on the sea.

50. Have a picnic

Spring picnic is always enjoyable. Pack some food and a blanket then go to your nearest park to spend quality time with your family.

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