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Modern-day innovations are driving the current generation. However, many of us used to play games that were classic and fun to play outside with friends. To remember those days and inspire our future generation, we have gathered some of those classics. Listed here are some classic outdoor games for kids that you might have played as a child.

What are the all-time best outdoor games for kids?

If you are a kid who wants to play classic outdoor games then this is where you start. You can also play some of these games inside too. In addition, some of these game needs just one good friend. However, most of these games are great to play outside with lots of friends. Also, you can introduce your own rules to make these games more interesting. Use your creative imagination!

Fun kids games to play outside

Here are our most favorite fun kids games to play outside. These games are listed as the easiest to play to games that need some equipment or location.


Every person knows how to play tag. A team of kids chooses who will be “It”. That person chases after the other persons, attempting to label them as “It” by touching. The touched person becomes “It” and starts the process. There is a common rule that “no tag-backs” where you cannot tag the person who just tagged you.

Players: Any number of team members.

Tools: None.

Kick the can

These types of classic outdoor games for kids are a variation of tag. A single person is “It” and a “can” is positioned in the middle of the playing ground. The other persons run and hide while the “It” covers her or his eyes and counts to a 100. “It” after that looks for every person and once tag them, those persons become prisoners. If any other person kicks the “can” then all prisoners are set free. If the “It” manages to capture everyone the game is over.

Players: Ideally a minimum of 3 friends.

Tools: A steel can.

Blind man’s bluff

These types of classic outdoor games for kids were very popular in Victorian England. This game is yet one more variant on the tag. The person that is “It” uses a blindfold and also attempts to tag other gamers. Make certain to play this in a location with no obstacles.

Players: A tiny team.

Tools: A blindfold.

Hide and seek

HIDE AND SEEK as Classic Outdoor Games for Kids

Every person has played these types of classic outdoor games for kids. A lot of moms and dads have had fun with their kids because hiding and seek are very popular. We have come across all types of variants in this game. In some cases, you count to 10 or 20, in some cases, 100. In all cases, there is a hiding place where you can go and hide. The basic concept is that one person is “It”. That person shuts her or his eyes and counts to a 100 without looking. Afterward, she or he searches for the others and the game ends after finding everyone.

Players: Ideally a minimum of 3 friends.

Tools: None.

Catch the flag

These types of classic outdoor games for kids are most enjoyable with a big team. Divide the team into 2 groups. Each group having a flag. The goal is to capture the other team’s flag and securely bring it back to your base.

We also played a similar game known as Steal the Sticks. Which has the same rules and you can use sticks rather than flags.

Players: A large team.

Tools: Two flags or sticks.

Jump rope


It is a lot more enjoyable to have a long rope and a number of close friends when playing jump rope. That’s where jump rope rhymes work their charm. It transforms a straightforward workout right into an enjoyable game. Nevertheless, as soon as you comprehend just how to do it, it isn’t as tough as it looks.

This is a game that you can also play inside if the room is big enough.

Players: Ideally a minimum of 3 friends.

Tools: A jump rope.

Chinese jump rope

These kinds of classic outdoor games for kids call for 3 persons. 2 persons place their feet inside the jointed rope and extend them out. Also, stand far apart for the 3rd person who will be jumping between ropes.

The 3rd person jumps back and forth between persons holding the rope. So, enters a pattern of left and right. What pattern you make use of depends on you. Besides, all the gamers must make use of the exact same pattern. Normally the rules do not go any further than that. When you miss out on your pattern, it is somebody else’s turn.

This game is suitable for both inside and outside depending n your situation.

Players: Ideally a minimum of 3 friends.

Devices: Chinese jump rope.

Marco polo

MARCO POLO as Classic Outdoor Games for Kids

This variant of the Tag is for the pools. Whoever is “It” shutting their eyes and shouts “Marco!” The various other gamers after that scream “Polo!”. The “It” person needs to identify others and catch. After that, the newly tagged person is “It”. Make certain to play in a swimming pool that is not unfathomable for any one of the gamers.

Players: A tiny team.

Place: A swimming pool.

Traffic cop

These types of classic outdoor games for kids work best on a road with little to no traffic. You will need bikes, wagons, scooters, or whatever is available. Someone guide traffic to ensure kids do not face each other. It is much more enjoyable than it sounds. Also, it helps kids to learn more about what to do when going across the street and traffic safety.

Players: A small team.

Tools: Bikes, wagons, scooters, anything on wheels.

Fun kids games to play inside

Here are our most favorite fun kids games to play inside. These games are listed as the number of players needed to the size of the team required for maximum joy.


The basic rule says that you make a circle in the sand. After that take turns attempting to knock each other’s marbles out of the circle with your one big marble. Similar to the various other games, there are plenty of variants. You can also make use of a marble floor covering which includes various factor areas.

It’s best to play this game on a plain floor or surface.

Players: Ideally a minimum of 2 friends.

Tools: Chalk, big and tiny marbles.


Firstly, you’ll need to make a hopscotch grid. Make number the of squares from 1 to 10. Secondly, select a rock that is good for throwing. Tiny ones can jump higher and bigger ones are tough to toss. Thirdly, begin by throwing a rock onto square 1. Jump on one foot into the first square, and then do the same for every square. At the pairs, 4-5 and 7-8, jump with both feet. At 10, jump with both feet, turn around and go back to the start. Finally, when you arrive at the square with the rock again, pick up the rock and complete the game.

Hopscotch grid

If it’s drizzling or dark outside, you can play hopscotch indoor. Simply use masking or painter’s tape and use a beanbag rather than a rock.

Players: 1 at a time with any number of friends.

Tools: Hopscotch grid, rock, or beanbag.

Simon says

You can play these types of classic outdoor games for kids anywhere like cars or small rooms. Someone is Simon and begins by saying, “Simon says [insert activity right here]”. Every person needs to that do the activity. Also, if Simon makes an activity without stating, “Simon says”, any person that does that activity is out. The last person still playing ultimately will certainly be Simon for the following round. It is certainly a fun and unique game to play outside.

Players: A small team.

Tools: None.

Dance freeze

Dance freeze is one of the unique games for kids. An extra gamer needs to control the songs. When the songs begin, every person else dancing, the crazier the far better. When the songs quit, the dancers need to freeze up in their position. Any person captured changing position afterward is out.

Players: A medium team.

Tools: Music.

Musical chairs

In a circle, organize chairs facing outside to total one less than the number of gamers. An extra gamer needs to control the songs. When the songs begin, the gamers walk the chairs. When the songs quit, gamers take a seat in the nearest chair as quickly as they can. One gamer that does not have a chair is out. Among the chairs, one is eliminated and the game proceeds in this way. The gamer that sits in the last chair is the champion.

Players: A medium team.

Tools: Music, chairs.

The telephone

These kinds of classic outdoor games for kids are one in which the majority of people wind up giggling. So, if you are in the state of mind for stupidity, try it. Gamers being in a circle. Someone invents a sentence or expression and murmurs it to the next person. That person then duplicates it to the next person. This proceeds around the circle. When it finally gets to the last person, that person speaks the sentence aloud and humor takes place. The ending sentence is always different from the starting sentence. Many have a tendency to intensify the sentence as they walk around the circle.

Players: A big team.

Tools: None.

Switch, button, who’s got the button?

Played inside or outside, the team stands in a circle and holds their hands with others next to them. Someone who is “It” takes the button and walks around the circle, pretending to place the switch in somebody else’s hands. Then really put the button into someone’s hands. However, after that everyone around the circle, claiming to place it in everybody else’s hands. Once the payer with the button is guessed, the round is over.

In one more variation of this game, one kid stands in the center of the circle. Also, the button is circulated among other team players. Those without the button pretend to pass that. When passing stops, the gamer in the center needs to guess who really has the button.

Players: A big team.

Tools: A button.

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