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Exercise for blood sugar control usually manages your sugar level and control diabetes. When you exercise, your body needs extra energy from blood sugar. So, if you want to control your blood, you should do some kind of beneficial exercise. If you have the disease of diabetes, you can maintain exercise and manage your blood sugar.

Exercise is one of the best things to refresh your body and control your fitness. Exercise can help to utilize your blood sugar level and use insulin in your body cell. If you take insulin or medicine, you should do exercise because it will perfect the medication in your body.

How do you feel when your sugar is low?

People who have been suffering from diabetes for a long time may have known about low blood sugar. It is risky, most of the time low blood sugar makes hypoglycemia diseases. In many cases, if the patient goes for a walk without taking any food, the sugar level will reduce.

Therefore, the first sign of low blood sugar is that it will start to feel bad. Maybe, there will be laziness and a little sweat. In addition, the lower the sugar, the more sweat.

What is hypoglycemia?

Generally, patients with diabetes are more likely to have hypoglycemia. Especially, those who use insulin have a high rate of getting this disease. Forget to eat after taking insulin, overeating, eating too late and excessive exercise is the reason of low blood sugar. In addition, excessive use of insulin or excessive medication for diabetes is responsible for this.

What are the symptoms when blood sugar is low?

  • Body sweet
  • Shaking
  • Feeling hungry
  • To be anxious
  • Feeling tried
  • Having trouble speaking
  • Headache and nausea and
  • Loss of consciousness if the level is high

When you feel your blood sugar level is getting low or feeling the symptom you should maintain some measure. Such as, you can take some sweet food then take rest some time and start some beneficial exercise. As soon as possible measure the blood sugar level. If your sugar level is not normal within 30 minutes then you should take the doctor’s advice. So, if you have a normal blood sugar level and are feeling well, let’s learn how to do some exercises.

How to do exercise for blood sugar control?

If you want to control your blood sugar, you should control your food and do exercise. Food is important but when you fail to maintain your diet, you should do minimum daily exercise. This will be balancing the body’s blood sugar and keep control of diabetes levels. So, here are the top five exercises for sugar control.

Brisk walking

If you have no idea about what exercise to do then you can start walking. Brisk walking is an easy exercise for blood sugar control. When your blood sugar rises high, you should take some time and go for a walk. In addition, you need a comfortable pair of shoes and somewhere to travel.

Brisk walking

Walking is one of the best exercises for type 2 diabetes. Moreover, you do not need any cost for walking. When you start walking your heart is beating continuously. As a result, your blood sugar is balance thoroughly.

Every day morning and after dinner you should try walking. At least, 30 minutes per day you should do good morning exercises. If you cannot walk 30 minutes at a time then walk 3 times. So, walk for 15 minutes after an hour and a half after dinner, lunch, and breakfast. Walk at a regular time and do not leave it out. Also, never exercise too much all of a sudden one day.

Brisk walking is a sensible power activity. When you start to walk, you need to keep your minimum speed level at 4.5 mph. In the meantime, you cannot sing but talk to others. As a result, it will make sweat and raise the heartbeat.

Tai chi

Tai chi is a Chinese traditional exercise. It is an ancient exercise for Chinese people. But now it is a popular exercise all over the world. Especially, exercise improves your blood sugar level. In addition, it is the most useful exercise for type 2 diabetes people to control their blood sugar. Tia Chi is the perfect exercise for sugar control because it makes fitness and reduces stress.

Tai chi for blood sugar control

At first, take a position, and then put your arms in front of you. You can take a fighting position. For this move, your one hand makes look like a bird beak. In addition, place your both legs on the ground and keep one leg in front of the other leg. You can keep your body weight in one leg. Relax your wrist and put your elbow in front of you. Tai chi has different style movements.

When we feel stress, our minds became weak. That time, we need relaxation. Tai chi is to give us full attention to our body and movement. Moving slowly is the key to this exercise. Especially, we need to focus on posture. Need to balance and remember which move comes in next. Tai chi is a good and effective practice if you want to achieve your goal. If you do not know how to seat for meditation, you can try the tai chi movement.

Moreover, every day for 30 minutes you can do this exercise. This is a relaxation movement. When you circle your hand and take a fighting position, your body continuously moves and makes your body flexible.

Weight training

Weight training is the best exercise for type 2 diabetes people. In addition, there have many advantages not only for diabetes people but also for everyone. Weight training makes muscle mess and it is an essential exercise for sugar control. If you want to improve your muscle, you should try the weight training exercise.

How to do weight training for blood sugar control?

How to do weight training for blood sugar control?

It is an easy way to do weight exercise. You can start it in your home or Gym. Also, you can need a barbell or dumbbell which is available for you. Then, take an easy position. Put your leg straight and width.

After that, you carry two dumbbells in your both hand. Make sure that, if you comfort to carry the dumbbells then you should start this exercise. Sometimes, many people do not check their diabetes level as a result; they feel sick when they do exercise.

Therefore, when you try a weight training exercise you should check up on your blood sugar level and diabetes. Weight training is a beneficial exercise. In addition, it burns your extra fat instead of sugar. As a result, it controls your blood sugar and builds your muscle strength.


It is the best exercise for sugar control and decreases stress. Different research suggests that yoga is the best exercise for type 2 diabetes. When your stress level is getting high, it helps to raise your blood sugar level.

Yoga is a stress-less exercise that will not pressure your body. As a result, at any time, any place you can do yoga. Only need a calm place to focus on your exercise.

Yoga exercise for blood sugar control

There are different types of yoga you can do in your regular life. Like, arm balance pose, core yoga poses, forward bend yoga, seat yoga, shoulder pressing yoga. Thus, you can choose any kind of yoga which is comfortable for you. This exercise helps to reduce your depressive symptoms in type 2 diabetes.

If you work 2 hours or more, you do not need to check your blood sugar level. However, when you work a long time, you should check your blood sugar level. Therefore, during this exercise time if you have a low blood sugar level then stop this exercise. Take some food and check your blood sugar again.


Swimming is another sensible exercise. It is the easiest and suitable exercise for blood sugar control ideal for people with type 2 diabetes because it does not put stress on your body. This exercise is not only giving you a zero impact but also removes the effect of gravity. So, when you will prepare to go to the pool do not need to check your blood sugar level. Then, 30 minutes later, you should check your sugar level.


If you see your sugar level is low, try to eat some fruit or grain types of food. As a result, you can realize how exercise affects your blood sugar level. Therefore, swimming is a flexible exercise and it can decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It helps people to manage their blood sugar levels and increases insulin.

If your heart rate is higher than normal and it helps to lower blood pressure, recover your circulation. It removes anxiety your body joint also improve the cholesterol and burn the extra calories. Moreover, if you want to get the best benefit of swimming, you should continue at least 3\4 times a week. At least 15 minutes every day then you should raise the length gradually of this exercise.

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